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Win7 system operation Where is the heart



Where is the Win7 system operation center

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1. In order to improve the quality of customer service while saving costs Microsoft has added many functions with the ability to self-diagnose and automatically repair system failures in Windows7 Some of these tools are integrated in the Windows7 operation center. Microsoft staff said in their blog: 'These functions can automatically diagnose and solve many system failures that Windows 7 users may encounter such as software compatibility failures hardware failures and so on. \u0026rdquo;

  1. For example some users configure the driver for a certain hardware under the win7 system but there are problems that cannot be configured correctly which seriously affects the hardware equipment Some of the performances will not work so your installation errors will appear in the operation center which can give you error warnings diagnose the source of the problem and then provide you with the correct solution Program.

  2 Microsoft also set up the 'Fixit Center for Automatic Repair of Microsoft Software Problems' on its official website which can provide users with solutions based on user faults. Users only need to click on the 'Fix' on the web page it\u0026rdquo; icon you can automatically repair these failures.

2. In addition to the functions introduced by the above editor the win7 operation center also has other powerful functions. For example Microsoft’s technical support team is already using Twitter to quickly publish Solutions to system failures etc. When we open the operation center the dialog box that pops up will tell us what the brain needs to do for the Chinese historical event [] everything of.

Third let’s test the other uses of the win7 security center. Here the editor closes the antivirus software in the computer and we can see it in the taskbar A white banner pops up a prompt bubble. We can intuitively discover the warning given by the system by clicking to enter the operation center interface. When the red flag appears it means that the computer is currently in a dangerous state. Then we click to start the virus method immediately The computer anti-virus software is now running and the risks prompted will disappear!

?What should I do if the Win7 system operation center cannot be opened? Computer Operations Center-Computer Knowledge Network

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