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Win7 system opens the file prompt 'quoted an unavailable location



In the daily use of the computer we will store all kinds of files on the computer but recently when a Win7 system user opened the file The system prompts: \u0026ldquo;quoted an unavailable location...\u0026rdquo; the warning box. Then how do we solve this problem? Let’s share the prompt for opening files in Win7 system\u0026ldquo;quoted an unavailable The location of \u0026rdquo; the solution the specific operation method is as follows.

Prompt \u0026ldquo;quoted an unavailable location\u0026rdquo;solution

1 press the keyboard at the same time Win+R shortcut key to open the running window of the computer;

2 in the opened running window enter regedit and click Enter; as shown in the figure:

3. In the opened registry editor window click to expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\SOFTWARE\\MICROSOFT\\WINDOWS\\CURRENTVERSION\\EXPLORER\\USER SHELL FOLDERS in the left menu ; As shown in the figure:

4. Find the 'My Documents' option in the right window and double-click the specific Pop up the modification window set the path to the drive letter you want to place click \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo;. As shown in the figure:

5. After the modification is completed close the registry editor then restart the system and then open the folder to be opened before it will be normal.

The above is the shared Win7 system to open the file Prompt \u0026ldquo;quoted an unavailable location\u0026rdquo; solution if we want to solve this problem we only need to solve it in the registry editor the specific method is as above.

?Win7 system opens a new folder will always open in the form of a new window

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