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Win7 system notepad can’t open and displays 'cannot open this file'



In ghost win7 system notepad will be used to edit some data or data but it is inevitable that you will encounter it during the process of opening notepad Some problems such as the prompt that Windows cannot open this file when opening Notepad in the win7 system have brought certain obstacles to our management of the Notepad file. This problem is mainly due to the wrong opening of Notepad. We can follow the following To modify the opening method the specific operation steps are as follows:


  1. After turning on the computer mouse right click on the note This directly select the \u0026ldquo;Properties\u0026rdquo; option;

  2. After the Notepad properties window is opened click on \u0026ldquo;General\u0026rdquo; under the option\u0026ldquo;Change\u0026rdquo; Button;

  3 then open the mode window click the notepad and directly check the 'Always make Wuji Film Network [] Open this kind of file with the selected program\u0026rdquo; and then click the \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo; button;

  4 Then go back to the Notepad properties window and then click the 'Apply-OK' option;

5. Then when you open the Notepad you will find The 'Open With' dialog window will no longer be displayed and the problem can be solved well.

Through the tutorial method to modify the opening method of Notepad the problem that Notepad cannot be opened is also easily solved.

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