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Win7 system network how to solve error 733



  How to solve Win7 system network error 733

  Win7 system error 733 occurs because the system is enabled \u0026ldquo; is a single link connection The process of negotiating multi-links\u0026rdquo; so when error 733 occurs turning off this function can be solved.


  1 in the lower right corner of the system desktop click the network logo and then open it. In the network connection window that pops up we can see the 'Open Network and Sharing Center' link at the bottom and click it.

  2 then select funny gif[] in the left window of the Win7 system network sharing center \u0026ldquo;Change adapter settings\u0026rdquo;.

  3. Then you find the broadband connection icon you want to use to access the Internet in the network connection interface. Then click the broadband icon and select 'Properties'.

  4. Then in the properties interface of the broadband connection switch to the \u0026ldquo;Options\u0026rdquo; tab and then find the PPP setting button in the \u0026ldquo;Options\u0026rdquo; open it.

5. At this time a PPP setting window will pop up and then uncheck 'Negotiate multiple links for single link connection' and then click the OK button.

For more knowledge please pay attention to the computer masterwindows7 tutorial section

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