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160WiFi wireless router has the perfect support for Ralink wireless card XP system



  Since 160WiFi since released, has been touted by many users.160WiFi perfect support WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN8.1 computer systems, but for WiFi Sharing under XP system, only support one before XP-based PCs can only connect a terminal device, and must be iPhone series.Therefore, many XP users are very sorry not to be able to use 160WiFi to create WiFi hotspots, through 160WiFi developers of unremitting efforts, from version starts, 160WiFi lower portion may support WiFi shared XP system, and can be connected to a plurality of terminal devices.

  Currently, through the efforts of developers, 160WiFi perfect support system under XP to create a wireless card Ralink WiFi hotspots.How to check your computer wireless card Ralink it is not?Xiao Bian teach you a method.

  Turn right click to open "My Computer" on the desktop - "Management" - "Device Manager" - "Network Adapters" to find the computer''s wireless network card driver, right-click the wireless network card properties, see the wireless network card general information, if manufacturers wireless card shows the "Ralink Technology, Corp", it means that your wireless card Ralink wireless card, you can use 160WiFi successfully open WiFi hotspots, and the iPhone, Android phones can be successful connection, the most important that does not limit the number of devices.


  If your computer is not Ralink wireless card, it is still only in accordance with the previous method, iPhone mobile phone can be connected, Android phone needs repair, we recommend that you replace the Win7 system.

  In addition, after this new version upgrade, some users will be prompted an error is encountered during opening, you can try the following: Open 360 antivirus settings page, started automatically canceled after landing Windows, turn off self-protection.


  Then restart the computer, you can successfully open 160WiFi.


  In order to enable users to various operating systems are able to use 160WiFi create WiFi hotspots, 160WiFi team has been tireless efforts, please focus on the follow-up version of 160WiFi.

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