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160wifi open failed Solution and phone Rom introduce common reasons



  Now create uncommon to wifi hotspots is not a laptop.If you know the code, you can enter the code directly to create a wifi hotspot; if you are a computer white, with software can easily achieve a shared computer with wifi.For users, 160WiFi is a very good choice.The following small series will tell you why users choose 160WiFi?

  First, quick installation, no plug-ins.Download the software from the official website 160wifi without extracting again, it is the direct application format, open it.No plug-in installation process, the software size 1.94M, small series pro-test, five seconds to complete the installation.Save time, save time.


  Second, the interface is simple, no ads.Open 160WiFi, in the center of the desktop main interface, the interface is very small.Wifi initial user name and password is simple, too easy to modify, when not turned on, you can direct changes in the interface.Full screen no ads, no extra logo, only focus on one thing, and strive to enable users to share open wifi.


  Third, the proper way to help.Since factor computer systems, wireless network card, etc., may cause problems when part of the first-time user 160WiFi.As long as the problem, 160WiFi interface will remind you, it is due to open what caused the failure, and then you can search online tutorials, or to consult the official forums and user groups according to remind.In short, we can help you to make the proper way.

  160WiFi open the cause of the failure and solutions highlights:

  (1) WiFi Initialization Failure: The alert occurs, because there is no open wireless card computer hardware switch.Find the wireless LAN hardware switch to turn on the notebook keyboard around.

  (2) wireless LAN equipment is not normal: the reminder appears, because your computer does not have a wireless network card or wireless network card driver version lower.If a desktop computer, you will need to buy an external wireless card; If a laptop, a wireless card driver has been updated to the latest version can be resolved.

  (3) Please reopen or manually set to share: the reminder appears, you can reinstall the computer''s network adapter inside the wireless network card driver to resolve.

  (4) computer XP system, open 160WiFi, only one terminal device is connected.

  Users (5) campus network, if open succeeds, but the phone can not connect, it is because the network restriction caused by the software can not solve.


  In the process of using 160WiFi in, no matter what the reason is because the computer can not create a wifi hotspot, the official will give you a satisfactory answer to sell.

  From installation to use the customer service, 160WiFi have sought to give the user a good experience, it does not bother the user, the user enthusiastic to answer.Small partners have chosen 160WiFi, what are you waiting for?Quickly download experience it!

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