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156cm girls how to shoot great legs effect?



  Sister who is not very particular will want to take pictures of a boyfriend, the reality is not always so perfect, no boyfriend, boyfriend always give you all kinds of ugly shot, it did not take pictures artifact of others, that you are not beautiful, these It does not matter, today to teach you how to shoot dream big legs.

  Tools / materials

  Need to have a little better pixel mobile phone, or SLR friends.

  It is outdoors, or where you like it, but you want the picture look better, certainly preferred the outdoors.

  Method / Step

  1, tired of mediocrity scenery, get on the ground or squatting shot can beat, you can squat oblique shot at the same time, it is not the same.Figure II is not big legs plus a tall building on.Figure 1 Figure 2 is a non-PS.



  2, take pictures, and a lot of people like the legs, in fact, take pictures and look good legs, but it is limited to thin, believe me, if you are fat, then the legs and definitely does not look good.Slightly offset, or staggered like a lens, than the absolute and legs.FIG 2 Figure 3.




  3, in fact, a lot of people know how to put the legs, significant leg length.But no matter how good swing leg, toes is a part, in fact, take the time to sit toe is an important detail, toes facing some leg president lens.Figure II is properly.




  A demonstration of all the figures are wrong, in fact, is only applicable skills of people, perhaps some people feel bad way, but I''m just saying I feel good way.

  Diagonal shot beat squatting refers TILT blocking about 45 degrees, to see personal habits.

  These are the girls how to shoot big legs 156cm method described effect, you got it?hopefully this can provide beneficial help to everyone!

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