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150M mini wireless router how to set?



  Recently, Baidu experience in the mall redeem a 150M mini wireless router, use it, and feel a great improvement, natural setting is a lot of convenience, but also to set up the router (and compared to the old model of router) Step With this new understanding, is to share experiences.


  First, the router

  1, open the box, an inventory of parts: power, USB cable, mini-router, the specification and readily available warranty card.


  2, the power connector is a USB receptacle, the insertion end of USB connection using the USB power USB hub, the other end connected mini-router interface (note that there are positive and negative directional).


  3, then the power supply plugged mini-router, then the router will light green.


  4, then home broadband device (typically Fiber Cat apparatus) on the cable, the cable into a mini-router port.Thus hardware wiring mini router even completed.


  5, pay attention to see the back of the router, there will be a lot of messages, such as mini-router model, MAC address, and domain name management page:


  6. Description: In the past TP-LINK router administration pages use the IP Address:, because a lot of network equipment is also set address This IP address, often lead to conflict IP address (after setting, can not enter the setup interface of the router, of course, can also be resolved by modifying the LAN port IP address).


  7, but to pay attention, and now login router management interface has been used in the domain name, the domain name in the address bar of the browser (the back of the router prompt), press the Enter key will be able to access the router management interface, and if an error , may wish to enter the computer from the network is set to start operation.


  Second, the new router is set way in Windows 7 operating system is:

  1, using the left mouse button click on the taskbar wireless network icon → pop-up list of the best wireless connection click signal, usually TP-LINK_0967 (after the number may become).


  2, after opening (Do not check automatically connect, you can see this if an error screen), click on the link.


  3, as long as the computer''s network card driver is normal, after the connection, announces a successful connection is shown.


  4, later on, the wireless icon in the taskbar will turn from gray to white, there will be a yellow warning No..


  5, and then in the address bar enter the router''s domain router administration page: → Press Return (Enter key) will be able to enter the setting interface.You can not reset your password, computers and routers to China Unicom.With the memory of the router, then click automatic connection, or the next turn, but also to re-connect manually.


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