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1500 yuan to buy what a good digital camera?1500 yuan a digital camera recommendation



  A chaotic this price file, and some stalls overlapping, but not more than the number of machine down.So what 1500 yuan to buy a good digital camera?Xiao Bian below recommended 1500 yuan a digital camera for everyone, Check it out!

  This part is the main battlefield telephoto card machine manufacturers, basically 1/2.3-inch sensor, a large optical zoom, is a common characteristic jiaoduan.


  Some older flagship in early 2013 are still selling, there will be 1/1.7 and 2/3 inch sensor, but generally non-telephoto, prices are slightly higher, depends on buyers between these two usage scenarios.Ordinary household recommend telephoto, applicability, if the pursuit of quality, to have a single micro-SLR and evolution of signs, that the proposed election of large sensor.


  Aspect to be considered is the macro, relatively weak in the card machine telephoto macro, more macro focusing range from 5CM since, if there are very fine coins imaging requirements, the selected level of machine time to carefully look at the parameters.


  Most are from the 12 times optical zoom, some products are more than 20 times; but even if there is too much of a multiple image stabilization also practiced magic hand Oh, the imaging quality will be relatively poor, unless there are special needs, or to this does not make much sense to spend money.


  Xiao Bian pixel still have to reiterate, do not shoot poster over 15 million did not make much sense, but the price of the camera is also more sensible, basic uniform set at around 16 million.Aperture respect in 1500 the gap is not large.


  Because it is the LCD viewfinder, so the larger and higher value color LCD would have been better, but that is a secondary function, not worth the money to spend.This type of request processing chip, there are some, if they can choose the latest processing chips worth considering.Overall the quality of the machine parameters will be surprisingly close, style and samples are probably the most worthy of study.


  More than 1500 yuan a digital camera is recommended, I hope everyone can help!

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