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1500 phone list price is about the most cost effective phone 2015 1500



  1500 most cost-effective mobile phone which phone it in 2015?You can learn about cost-effective phone list by 1500 below, if you intend to start a 1500 phone, then may wish to select from the following oh ~


  - Millet 4

  Millet 3 has experienced from 1999 yuan to 1699 yuan, and then fell to 1,499 yuan triple jump big price cuts, to further enhance the cost-effective.Although millet 3 has long been listed, but still the highest configuration currently selling millet phone, MIUI V5 system combined with outstanding, favored by a large number of users rice.

  - Meizu MX3

  Meizu MX3 price down to 1799 yuan, this phone is not only equipped with a 5.1 inch 1080p (resolution of 1800 × 1080 pixels) level screen display is very delicate, but also equipped with a dual quad-core processor, the overall performance is very strong.

  - ZTE Grand S II

  ZTE Grand S II adhering to the Grand S "ultimate aesthetic" design philosophy, continue to pursue the metal shell in appearance.It is equipped with 5.5 inches 1080P resolution Full HD display, equipped with a frequency of 2.3GHz the Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 quad-core processor, while the main lens 13 million pixels plus 2.0 megapixel front lens combination, 3000mAh battery comes with.

  - Cool Great God

  Cool Great God is equipped with a 7-inch display with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels, the display is very clear.In addition, the back of the aircraft built a 13 million pixel camera, take photographs to meet the needs of most users.

  --LG G2

  LG G2 innovation of the volume keys on the back of the fuselage, just get started, although users certainly not used to, but convenient operating experience is sure to make you fall in love with this design.Newly added audio zoom function, while recording can focus amplify the sound of an object and the weakening of environmental sound around, this function is very useful.Japanese version of the three networks LG G2 is a three anti-cell phone, with IP57 waterproof and dustproof level.

  - Huawei glory X1

  Huawei glory X1 equipped with 7-inch giant screen, be regarded as a mobile phone and flat-panel cross-border products.Not only eye-catching screen, the hardware configuration of the glory X1 is remarkable 1,300-megapixel rear +500 megapixel front camera, 1.6GHz quad-core processor, performance is more robust, while the retail price was only 1799 yuan.

  - ZTE Star 1

  ZTE interior No. 1 star equipped with a frequency of 1.6GHz high-pass Xiaolong MSM8928 quad-core processor performance than MSM8926 33%, and a combination of built-in memory 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, runs very smoothly.In addition, it Edition (2GB RAM + 16GB ROM) Price 1399, enjoy Edition (2GB RAM + 32GB ROM) is priced at 1,599 yuan.

  --HTC Desire 816

  HTC Desire 816 loading a 5.Super LCD 2 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels.Using Android 4.4 operating system, with HTC Sense 5.A user interface 5, equipped with a four-core processor Qualcomm MSM8228, strong overall performance.5.5-inch large screen, the system runs smoothly.

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