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150 lines Node.js achieve dns proxy tool



  Tools Address: / Yi-love / dns .


  I think this should still be a very useful tool.Development process, we need to configure the IP domain to access the test environment.

  Development and testing using computer Fortunately, the direct use Switch hosts! , Modify the domain name to IP access to specific IP of domain sites.

  So how is also as easy as possible to access it in a test environment on the phone?

  How mobile access to the internal network domain specific IP?

  To access the mobile phone domain name to the test environment, we need to do it is to create a proxy service, and then the phone through a proxy server to access the test environment domain.

  Common Acting:

  Request Broker

  DNS proxy

  Request Broker

  As nothing more than a middleman, instead of the phone to access the test environment domain name, then the request results returned phone.If the agent is http request Fortunately, met https proxy request if you can not then come true.Although the fiddler can configure the proxy https certificate request, but the actual effect is not satisfactory, the failure rate is quite high.

  DNS proxy

  DNS is a smaller agency said DNS resolution service, said big is a Domain Name System.

  DNS proxy will only tell which IP phone is currently accessing the domain name.After the DNS proxy access and will not participate in the test environment domain name and phone direct request broker.

  So: Request Broker and agent biggest difference DNS here, requesting the agent participation request, DNS will not participate.

  Why do we need DNS proxy

  The current app there are a lot of built-pages (https requests are), use the requesting agent may App are not logged in, select the appropriate DNS more appropriate.

  But DNS proxy is invisible to the requested data, so the need to capture the scene, DNS can not do.

  Use dns-proxy-server service

  dns-proxy-server is using Node.js pure native writing.Easy to use.Very suitable for the front page in the preview embedded in the phone app.





  mac users need to use.Because DNS is bound to a machine 53 port.

  With Switch hosts! Shuangwai!!!!.

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