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15 top open source JavaScript frameworks and libraries




  This language was supported by many technology leaders, one of whom is the founder of WordPress Matt Mullen Wegener, he hinted WordPress developer should learn it, clearly communicate information about its future importance to the WordPress community.He mentioned it is very popular.To better technology transition will be able to keep up with the challenges of the future WordPress.

  JavaScript is one of the best open-source position of.And contrary to popular belief, JavaScript is not a project, but an open standard norms, in this specification, the language is determined by its core team evolution and maintenance.ECMAScript, JavaScript is another fancy name is not open source, but it also has an open standard.

  When you view the GitHub, you can easily see evidence of popular JavaScript.JavaScript is the most high-level programming language.The number of library storage.It''s significant role in Livecoding.The tv is also evident here, the members are working hard to create more than any other theme of the video on JavaScript.As of this writing, claiming to be the host of edutainment website.45919 video segment JavaScript.

  Top open source JavaScript frameworks and libraries

  Back on topic, JavaScript fortunate to have a thriving technological improvements in the large community.Developers can use hundreds of JavaScript frameworks and libraries, the good news is the best frameworks and libraries are open source.For JavaScript developers now have to use the best framework or library for rapid development.Current market needs of rapid development.In addition, in the current market, reinventing the wheel is not a good idea.Whether you are a novice or an experienced JavaScript JavaScript developers to use libraries and frameworks can significantly improve your work.

  1. Angular.js

  Angular.js is one of the most popular JavaScript framework.Developers use it to create a myriad of complex Web applications.Angular.js core design idea is to single-page application mode, but at the same time it also supports MVC architecture.Angular use.js, developers can use JavaScript code at the front end, so that HTML vocabulary sprawl.

  Angular.js since its inception in 2009, it has not stopped the pace of development.The current stable at 1 Angular 1.5.8/1.2.30.You can also try Angular 2, which is significantly improved compared to version 1 implementation, but has not yet gained popularity in the global developer population.

  Angular.js adopted this important concept of data binding.The interface enables the user to interact, when the interaction is complete, i.e., the view is then used to update the new value to ensure that the entire contents are synchronized.DOM is updated again started after the underlying logic is finished in the model.

  2. Backbone.js

  Many of my friends may not intend to develop complex Web applications.In this case, Backbone.js and other relatively simple Web application framework can be good for learning-related knowledge.Backbone.js is an intuitive framework, we can accelerate the construction of the entire process simple and fun Web applications.And Angular.js Similarly, Backbone.js also have the ability to support MVC.Backbone.Other core features include js routing, RESTful API support, state property management, etc..You can also use the Backbone.js build single-page application.

  Backbone.js current stable version 1.3.3, and may be available directly from the GitHub.

  3. D3.js

  D3.js is a great JavaScript library that helps developers create rich web pages using the data manipulation functions.D3.js combination of SVG, HTML and CSS.Use D3.js, you can easily bind data to the DOM and start the data-driven events.In D3.Js the help, we can create high-quality data-driven web pages so as to better understand visuals to provide data content information.

  4. React.js

  React.js is a very interesting JavaScript framework.And other JavaScript frameworks differ, React.js ideally suited for building highly scalable front-end user interface.React.js born in 2013, based on the BSD license and by virtue of advantages in the development of complex and beautiful areas of user interface and rapid development.

  React.js The core idea is that virtual DOM.DOM is similar to the virtual intermediary between the client and server side, for raising the level of performance.Change the virtual server DOM DOM happen in matches, to ensure that only the necessary elements to be updated, which allows the entire process in terms of speed far superior to the traditional UI update.

  You can also use React to achieve Material design means you can take to create a strong performance levels of modern Web applications.

  5. jQuery

  jQuery JavaScript library is a set of high popularity, its features include event handling, animation, and more in other directions.When building Web projects, we certainly do not want to waste time writing code in the body as a simple task.jQuery With its easy-to-use API to help us solve this problem.It also cooperates with all major browsers.Use jQuery, you can seamlessly control DOM and Ajax applications.Use jQuery, developers do not need to worry about the underlying interaction and the ability to easily develop their own vision of Web applications.

  jQuery also facilitates the separation of HTML and JavaScript code, allows developers to take advantage of cross-browser compatibility to write cleaner code.In addition, was developed by the jQuery Web application is also easy to improve and extend.

  6. Ember.js

  Ember.Angular js equivalent to the functional level.js and React.js combination.We can support the community through its technical understanding of Ember.js very high popularity, also features in the new emerging.Ember.js similar data synchronization in terms Angular.js.This two-way data exchange mechanisms to ensure the application of speed and scalability.In addition, it can also help developers create front-end elements.

  In React.js similarity aspect, Ember.js also provides virtual server-side DOM to improve performance and scalability.Ember.js also encouraged to reduce coding requirements, provide excellent API option and has excellent technical community.

  7. Polymer.js

  If you intend to create HTML5 elements themselves, then try Polymer.js.Core Polymer is to provide the ability to create their own label for Web developers to extend development capabilities.For example, you can create a tag and similar functions within its definition of HTML5

  Polymer launched by Google, Inc. in 2013, and based on the 3-Clause BSD license.

  8. Three.js

  Three.js as another set of JavaScript libraries, mainly for the development of 3D direction.If we as animation and game developer, Three.js definitely worth a try.Three.js using WebGL and can be easily used for rendering 3D objects on the screen.You may have heard HexGL this futuristic racing game, it is by Three.js crafted.

  9. PhantomJS

  Use JavaScript inevitably keep dealing with a variety of browsers.In talking about the browser, Explorer has become the most important issue.Use PhantomJS, we can provide through its monitoring of WebKit Web application performance.WebKit is also part of this belongs within Chrome and Safari rendering engine.

  The entire process in an automated manner, we only need to use API that provides a set of Web applications to.

  10. BabylonJS

  BabylonJS and Three.js very similar position, are providing a powerful JavaScript API to create seamless 3D applications.Its open source and based on JavaScript and WebGL foundation.Create simple 3D objects such as spheres process is very simple and requires only a few lines of code to complete.You can see BabylonJS documentation carefully to understand the excellence of the library.In addition, the project home page also provides some enlightening excellent presentation.

  11. Boba.js

  There is a big demand for commonality between Web applications that analysis.If we have been entangled in the mechanism of how to insert JavaScript applications in the analysis, you may wish to consider Boba.js.Boba.js can help you easily complete the task, and contain old ga.js support capabilities.You can also take advantage of Boba.js achieve integration indicators.Its only operating premise jQuery.

  12. Underscore.js

  Underscore.The best solution can be described as a blank HTML editor js file.When the project started, many of my friends faced with empty screen or are unable to start until forced to repeat the project has been completed in step.Underscore.js can accordingly provides a number of functions, such as allowing users to use their most common Backbone.js or jQuery functional elements.

  In addition, some of the features which also provides mechanisms help, including the "filtering" and "call graph", designed to help us operational as soon as.In addition, Underscore.js also provide kits to streamline the testing process.

  13. Meteor.js

  Meteor.js is a fast and efficient way to build JavaScript applications.It is an open source project and can be used for desktop, mobile and Web applications to create the results end.Meteor.js is a full-stack framework, enabling end to end development tasks for multiple platforms.You can use Meteor.js create the back-end and front-end functions, can ensure the application itself has an excellent performance.Meteor.js also has a large community of technology, so the new features and bug fixes update There is much to be said.In addition, Meteor.js also have modular nature and natural with a variety of excellent collaboration API.

  14. Knockout.js

  Knockout.js apparently all the frames mentioned today, the most underrated options.This open source JavaScript framework under the MIT license and is based on the MVVM design basis.

  15.Featured: Node.js

  Node.js is a powerful JavaScript runtime environment.Which may be used to build high-speed data with real and highly scalable application.Neither framework nor its library, but based on a set of run Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine environment.You can use Node.js create a variety of applications, including single-page application, real-time Web applications, etc..Technically speaking, Node.js event-driven architecture can support asynchronous I / O, making it an ideal option to develop a highly scalable solution.

  JavaScript is a universal language network.Its rapid development is not only because of what it offers, but also because it''s open source community around.The above-mentioned any JavaScript frameworks and libraries for developers is a must check.They offer a number of ways to explore and JavaScript front-end development.Most libraries and frameworks mentioned above are related to JavaScript and software engineers interested in technology often used.

  to sum up

  That''s all for this article, I hope the contents of this paper has some reference value of learning for all of us to learn or work, thank you for the support scripts House.If you want to know more details, please see the related links below

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