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15 reasons to buy a certain iPhone11Pro



  iPhone11Pro worthwhile to buy?Many small partners are hesitant to bring small series of 15 reasons to buy a certain iPhone11Pro below, we want to help.

  15 must buy iPhone11Pro reasons:

  ● Three camera upgrade

  iPhone 11 Pro is Apple''s first camera phone equipped with three devices, including a 1,200-megapixel wide-angle camera, 2-megapixel optical zoom telephoto lens 1,200 and 1,200 megapixel four times the shooting range of ultra-wide-angle lens, panoramic shooting height reached twice before, has been further broadened the composition of space.


  ● Night mode added

  In the weak light conditions at night, iPhone 11 Pro lens can capture clear and bright landscape subject, and still maintain image background dark tone.

  ● Support manually adjust the shutter time

  IPhone 11 Pro used when shooting night mode, with up to 10 seconds of exposure time selection.But here is the length of time the shutter is not real shutters, but "shutter + + integration algorithm into pieces" in time, in fact, the shortest shutter a quarter seconds, the longest one second.

  ● new generation of intelligent HDR

  Intelligent HDR function using the iPhone to shoot 11 Pro can optimize the fine details in highlights and shadows in the image, photographing people can make a face full of natural light more.

  ● support to shoot 4K, 60 fps video

  iPhone 11 Pro supports 4k, 60 fps video capture, picture detail richer, more fluid action taken.

  ● video capture has a higher dynamic range and image stabilization feature theater

  iPhone 11 Pro also joined the higher dynamic range performance and powerful cinematic image stabilization feature, while blessing ultra wide-angle lens, even if the use of mobile phones can capture video movie-like effect level.

  ● three cameras can work simultaneously

  iPhone 11 Pro supports three camera when taking pictures and recording video simultaneously, combined with third-party applications can record multiple video streams simultaneously.

  ● front camera jumped to 12 million pixels

  Deeply original pixel camera upgrade from 7 million to 12 million pixels pixels, which means you can be better selfie image quality.

  ● Support Wide selfie

  Can automatically switch the iPhone transverse wide-angle, may also be used in slow motion selfie 120 fps frame rate, play more front camera, selfie support portrait mode, also supports the recording 4K, 60 fps video.


  ● affect the system more stable

  iPhone 11 Pro can shoot in a different light the complex excellent video work, and when changes in ambient light or multiple shooting in the same scene, the situation will not affect the picture color drift instability appears.

  ● Deep Fusion exciting

  Deep Fusion chips using the A13 Bionic powerful AI computing power for nine pixel-level image fusion, in order to shoot a picture quality comparable to SLR.

  ● enhance endurance

  iPhone 11 Pro battery life compared to the iPhone XS increased 4 hours, raise obvious.

  ● Ultra Retina display screen XDR

  iPhone 11 Pro has a smart phone in the top of the screen, the maximum brightness of 800 nits, browse HDR images up to 1,200 nits and 4K HDR video, the contrast ratio up to 2,000,000: 1,458 ppi, with the support of a wide color gamut, primary-color display, even up theater.

  ● has so far fastest CPU

  A13 biomimetic properties after two core speeds by up to 20%, up to 30% reduction in energy consumption, energy efficiency further four core speed increased by 20%, the lowest energy consumption reduced by 40%.


  ● progress is not a small GPU

  A12 A13 bionic GPU compared to the speed by up to 20 percent, energy consumption can be reduced up to 40%, ideal for high-performance gaming Play, rendering and editing video with augmented reality.

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