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15 lines of CSS code allows Apple device crashes, the latest iOS 12 can not escape



  Just 15 lines of CSS code, you can make your iPhone crashes

  Wire of Sabri Haddouche security researcher discovered a new attack, just visit includes some CSS and HTML pages, it will lead to iOS restart frozen and macOS. Windows and Linux users not affected by this error affected.

  Attacks exploit -webkit-backdrop-filter CSS property weaknesses by using nested div with this attribute, you can quickly consume all the graphic resources and operating system crash or freeze.Attack do not need to enable Javascript, so it also applies to the Mail.On macOS, the performance of UI freeze.On iOS, the performance of the device is restarted.This attack affects all browsers on iOS, and macOS in Safari and Mail, because they both use WebKit rendering engine.


  For those who want to see the cause of this attack, the researchers have been published on its GitHub page.



  Click rawgit.Be careful when com link, because it can quickly lead to iOS crash or cause problems with Mac. link:

  https: // / news / security / new-css-attack-restarts-an-iphone-or-freezes-a-mac /

  Code GitHub:

  https: // / pwnsdx / ce64de2760996a6c432f06d612e33aea

  GitHub open this page, you can see the code as follows:


  Above the red part is through a base64 encoded picture, here is a lot of

label.As Haddouche said, is the use of a large amount of resources embedded HTML tags in the filter element to consume the device attribute, so that such an attack.

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