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15 customers expect designers to master design skills



  Articles from the station cool, thank the author Shenzhen Clh brought us through the wonderful article!

  What a lot of friends, especially just started junior partner will ask graphic designers need knowledge and skills?In fact, novice addition to the conventional design, the customer often also need marketing expertise, code, or aspects of the illustrations.Sometimes this can be a difficult balance, but to understand customer expectations, a plan can help you plan how to handle a particular request, whether it is recommended more professional others, or by learning to help you add a new skill.

  These examples mostly from personal experience.Although so far I did not meet all the requirements, but from the customer''s perspective customer expectations is an interesting exercise.

  1.Design Theory

  Customer trust you because you have a large extent they do not have the expertise, how to make web design or graphic design looks good?How to deal with color, type and space?These require that you are good at something.No matter what you think of themselves as designers, it is perfectly reasonable to expect.

  For customers cherish this expectation of the benefits that they believe that your design decisions.While these customers may need some time to accumulate in order to become strong customer relationships, but you can help consolidate this view by clearly explain to customers specific design ideas of logic (your expertise is one reason they hire you ).

  2.Graphic design


  Customers tend to think that since you specialize in any type of website design, you certainly can handle this plane design.They may even expect you could dream for their design work to meet their needs (which may be a bit exaggerated, but you should be able to understand).

  While some designers to simultaneously work in the field of graphic design and Web site, but this is not always the case.For customers, they know exactly what to expect harbor is very difficult.So if you do not like or are not good at flat or tactile packaging or other media, be sure to let customers know in advance, and get help.

  3.Web Design

  Difficulties faced by sites coincided with the opposite plane.Some customers may think that you are able to convert their company brochures or other print materials for a complete website.Or, you can put an old web design quick "replacement".

  When you have to explain these things in the real world of work and can not be converted to each other, this may be a difficult conversation.But you still need to do: explain, it comes at a price.Web project is not just the expansion of other things, especially in today''s complex network environments, these projects require detailed planning and processing.



  Some designers since practitioners may never need to write any copy, other more or less likely to have some experience.

  As a designer, you should learn the basics of copywriting.Especially for web designers, micro-content is often not possible to directly output the client side to have you, you need to feel more comfortable in the text.You may find that master the skills of how to extract the title will really come in handy, it not only can help you create a design that contains the actual content, you can also use the actual font design.This will make a big difference with any type of professional or novel typesetting.

  All the major part of information is not just good copy and brands around the project, also including Web and graphic design, and social media, which requires a lot of consideration.

  5.Search Optimization

  And copywriting as most designers are not SEO experts, but some basic knowledge about how search engines work is very valuable.You can add or delete recommend some pages in text or design elements to make it easier to find the site in search rankings.

  This is also very important.Any mention of SEO dialogue, customers will immediately imagine how they get the highest position in Google.If this is a client eager to demand, you may need a search engine optimization expert to help them answer.

  6.Logo Design


  Logo design can also design in a more difficult field.This designer for some that may seem easy, but it is possible for a greater number of people is not the case.Various branches of the customer will usually designed mistaken for a whole.So you need a project from start to clarify your scope of work, including what elements they already have and which elements need to create.

  If you''re like me, you probably know much about how to use Adobe PS image processing software . but when it comes to the actual photos and ISO, you may not even need to think about any "knowledge base" of the.

  Designers are not equal photographer.

  Even the world''s best designers to create design projects in some matching cut in line with the visual aesthetic of the picture is to make unremitting efforts.These customers are not always seen as a separate work, even though most of the time so.



  You can learn from Point 7, but the "picture" replace "illustration".

  9.Dynamic efficiency

  When considering the animation, the above statement applies equally pages.While most designers can create a GIF or dynamic effect on the hover action, but made a full-size animated much more difficult.

  Whenever possible, use the tools available to help you get this need, but the need for animators of the project, to help customers find people with this level of. programming


  Customers expect one of the most frustrating list of requirements - you may be in a bad / small / low-resolution files are available, sometimes you can do a little "magic" treatment.But most of the time is powerless.

  Do what you can to be the best, most convincing thing you can do after a day''s work, customer demand is still not reach the desired effect to show clients, let them see pixelated or fuzzy practical effect.It may take some extra time in the beginning, but it may save a lot of time later in the process.

  11.HTML and CSS

  You are a web designer at the same time, you still do a web developer?For some people, their identity may be converted at any time, while other designers this may not be "the two can have both," the.If you are in two different roles in the camp, make sure your customers can understand this.In web development and design, most customers are looking forward to a one-stop.

  12.Font recognition


  You may be asked: "What font?"And look forward to the answer given on the spot.This is very easy to solve - the font can be your secret weapon!


  When the user interaction and design, they feel an important part of understanding the behavior and conversion.Most of them require regression analysis and scientific data, some of which comes from experience.

  You could easily explain why users will like pictures with characters, or more trusted sites with a blue background, which is part of the design psychology.

  14.Lightning speed


  Most customers want fast turnaround.You will not have a full week of time to submit corrections or modifications to alleviate some of these expectations with a detailed project schedule.

  This is entirely acceptable, because you find out a reasonable expectation of time helping clients.If you do not charge by the hour, then the fee structure of many design projects are simple, they are very difficult to really understand how long it takes.A habit, this time when customers have expectations, to respond to requests.


  This may sound cheesy, but the customer really want designer "know" what they want or what to "see" what they see.

  To their dismay, it is better to ask some questions, just as you show something to the customer instead of telling them, like, ask them the same question.Let them show what they do or do not like you on the road to planning projects.

  Design is a form of visual communication.Try to process visual communication with customers, making it easier for everyone.

  to sum up

  Key to managing customer expectations is to help your customers understand the way you work and how best to work together.Good communication helps you to quickly reach an agreement at the beginning of the project, and adhere to finalize.

  While acknowledging certain skills or he did not need to pass something to someone else is a very challenging thing, but better than mistakes or missed deadlines are much better.The role of honest customer design, in order to cooperate in the best way possible.More graphic design tutorials, all in the home-site scripting!

  ---- Photo from: design shack

  ---- by the Shenzhen site construction company -Clh edited translation

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