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15 creative composition tips to make your photos into works of art landscape photography



  Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, whereas imagination summed up everything the world, stimulating progress.- Albert Einstein


  Each person''s understanding of the composition are not the same, photographer Alain Brio composition is considered the first step in creative photography is the most important step, here are 15 suggestions composition from Alain Brio:

  1, the composition of your photography is your most powerful performance of the saw.- Definition from the famous photographer Edward Weston.

  2, the composition is not a simple object is placed in a frame - comprising a further color, contrast, use of light, post-PS.


  3, composition goal is to see you, when emotions expressed - not simply record the scenery, not the perfect photo shooting techniques, but expressive photographs revealed.

  4, the camera photographs is an objective reality, and the artist photographs and the feeling expressed is subjective - the scenery is dead, people are living, we must make good use of light, color, contrast to express own.


  5, first and foremost is to consider the composition of light - use of light is more important than the subject.

  6, the use of good relations to the foreground and background composition - an excellent find foreground and background is important.


  7, using contrasting elements - static / mobile young / old, big / small, natural / man-made.

  8, not to remake others filmed work - remake, then why not just buy a postcard or buy photography set it?

  9, see other people''s work and inspired remake are two different concepts..


  10, no matter how powerful technology can not compensate for the shortcomings did not bring inspiration - the camera just a machine, inspired by art, these are two different levels.

  11, good works are not created by the machine, the photographer is creative - and of course the camera is essential, but the soul from the photographer.


  12, the so-called "right" is to make you feel a sense of art - nothing is absolutely right, art is the eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom.

  13, the latter can not directly shoot basically a large arts legend.


  14, the best "color balance" is the expression on the desired color to see.

  15, the best composition creative, you have never seen before, until you create it.

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