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1499 yuan classic models iPhone4s, would you buy it?



  Apple''s classic mobile phone, Apple can not stop production of mobile phones, mobile phone and so on to pay tribute to Steve Jobs heard the voice.iPhone4s phone to Apple did four years ago brought countless glory but four years later on today, iPhone4s is not the best use of mobile phones it?There are no electronic business platform is still at a low price of 1,499 yuan in the sale, but there are still many people buy.

  1, exquisite workmanship

  The classic iPhone5 with paint chips and criticized back design, iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus all kinds of doors.Around iPhone4s glass structure, steel metal frame are then able to phone the world amazing, unique design.The mobile phone manufacturers are now the object of imitation.


  2, then sorry

  In fact, Apple''s new products seem now how much the price did not drop, but really want to see is the wage level of the year, with wages of more than 5,000 pieces in 2011 is definitely expensive, which is why people are now holding the iPhone so many, in fact, in large part because our standard of living up, Apple also is not difficult for us, then you might as well get some money out of it to buy Apple.It is now also the reason people buy a iPhone4s.I think back to 5800 when the iPhone4 out, can buy from the local tyrant really.


  3, user-friendly operation

  There is no doubt iPhone4s 3.Best 5-inch size is one-hand operation, of course, is the one-hand operation iPhone4s phone is not one of the best.


  4, Steve Jobs tribute

  October 4, 2011 iPhone4s conference the day after the death of Steve Jobs.However, a "Steve Jobs Biography" have been favorable for fruit powder, which Steve Jobs led the design of an iPhone last posthumous how is the fruit powder ah love hearts.iPhone4s has its memorable.


  5, the longest life cycle

  The latest news is iOS9 will continue to support iPhone4s, means iPhone4s life cycle will be longer.


  iPhone4s now some malls are still on sale, the price of 1499 yuan.Configuration 3.5-inch screen uses IPS touch-screen material, equipped with Apple A5 dual-core processor, equipped with IOS5 operating system, there are built-in capacity 512MBRAM and 16GB, the new Siri voice system and iCloud cloud service, can effectively voice control and recognition.Apple iPhone4S back also built a 800 million pixel back-illuminated camera, the aperture to f / 2.4, shooting in low light conditions the effect of outstanding.30 Front Vientiane well positioned to meet the needs of daily life shooting.

  Steve Jobs has his own insistence, 3.5 inches he thinks most suitable for single hand holding the screen size.(Source: Tour pawl control)

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