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?RemoteIE official website to download tutorial



  Microsoft has released a cross-platform browser, called RemoteIE, the test performance of Web pages in IE case of cross-platform Web Developer.RemoteIE based on Microsoft''s cloud service Azure, so users do not install Windows to use, then you can register for free by using RemoteIE applications for multiple platforms.


  RemoteIE official website address:

  https: //

  RemoteIE Guide:

  The service is free, but to use this service, developers need to register and download the Windows on RemoteIE website, Mac OS X, iOS or Android apps.Activated by the F12 key on the keyboard or a menu IE.This service is only for testing purposes.And in order to save server resources, developers vacant RemoteIE10 minutes later, it will be forced to write-off.And each time landing can not be more than 60 minutes.

  Detailed usage please refer to: RemoteIE how to use RemoteIE graphic tutorials

  RemoteIE technical details:

  1, only the IE tools and F12;

  2, Host-side system is Windows Server 2012 or later is recommended to use F12 Developer Tools to modify compatibility;

  3, each Session up to 60 minutes, 10 minutes of idle time will logout;

  4, no GPU acceleration, performance may not be as native IE test; (solve: PC to install Windows 10 Technical Preview version or download the virtual machine images)

  5, RemoteIE can not access the network or local site.

  And the current RemoteIE and Azure RemoteApp are still a preview version of the stage, the service may be a problem.

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