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?RemoteIE how to use ?RemoteIE graphic tutorial



  RemoteIE is Microsoft''s cross-platform Web developers to test Web pages in IE effect and the development of.RemoteIE based on Microsoft Azure, you can span Apple MAC, Android phones, Windows, iPhone / iPad and other platforms to use, and completely free.Let''s take a look at how to use it RemoteIE.

  Registration RemoteIE

  Open https: // /] Click [Sign In button to log Microsoft account (Outlook mailbox, Hotmail mailbox) and other registration.

  After registering check whether receive an e-mail titled "You can start using RemoteIE right now!"Mail, Microsoft Mail after receiving permission to use there''s a RemoteIE.If you receive no need to re-register, pay attention to certain areas if the East Asia.

  Use RemoteIE

  1.Open https: // / subscribe, slide down the page to reach the Step 1 Download and Install, depending on your platform, download the "Microsoft Azure RemoteApp" software and install.

  2.Open Azure RemoteApp, Microsoft login account (Outlook mailbox, Hotmail mailbox).


  3.In Azure RemoteApp software, click Work Resources in Internet Explorer.


  4.Then that is no different with a local IE browser, a remote Remote IE.


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