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?iPhone recover deleted text messages tutorial: teach you how to restore accidentally deleted SMS data Apple



  Apple iPhone it difficult to recover deleted text messages?What is the easiest way?While traditional text chat communication, has been replaced by modern networking tools.But the message status is still very important.But sometimes accidentally deleted SMS is a headache.Then Apple how to restore deleted SMS?Want to know the most simple and effective way to do this?

  Recover deleted text messages Preparation Tool:

  IPhone and other iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

  PC (Windows and Mac)

  Happy phone Recovery Master (official website: http: // /)

  Delete iPhone SMS recovery steps:

  The first step: First, our premise is to download and install a happy phone Recovery Master software on your computer, then connect your phone to your computer, run the software, click on the first default mode: "By scanning equipment recovery" then click "Next" to begin to recover deleted text messages;


  Step Two: After entering the recovery mode, we can see a lot of data item icon, the corresponding icon to click on items that we want to restore; we want to recover deleted SMS data, so we select the "SMS" icon click, if you want to restore the inside of MMS messages, pictures, videos such attachment, you can click on the "message attachments" similar scan recovery;


  Step three: scan usually takes about five minutes, and so on after scanning is finished, we can see the message preview list has been deleted and deleted messages are not here, select SMS record you need to restore the check, and then directly click "restore to device" button, you can restore text messages directly to the phone, with much the same as before not delete!


  Apple how to restore deleted SMS?IPhone restore deleted SMS recovery master happy operated by mobile phone, it is not very easy to use them?However, to remind everyone: It is recommended to open the flight mode in the process of restoring Apple''s mobile phone text messages, to avoid the impact of newly accepted SMS Data ''Recovery.

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