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?How about glory Note10 pictures,?Results from your camera to experience the glory of Note10



  Glory Note10 has been released, it redefined the big screen, long battery life mobile phones.Glory Note10 not just the big screen, long battery life so simple, some users may be more concerned about its ability to take pictures, which Mody how to honor Note10 pictures, here we take a look at the glory Note10 results from your camera right.

  Glory Note10 with 16 million pixels and 24 million color pixel black and white dual-lens, two cameras are f 1.8 large aperture, dual-core phase focusing.

  When taking pictures in a well-lit environment, color camera solely responsible for the imaging, and in low light conditions, black and white camera to capture the level and detail, color camera collection color, both of which enhance the image quality of collaboration.

  Depth of focus and the support, phase focusing, the whole focus and contrast AF pixel binuclear four focus mode, and also supports optimization AI.Next we take a look at the proofs.



  In this sample set, the picture shows glory Note10 unopened AI, AI below shows the open mode.Can clearly be seen, as the system detects cloudy day scene, the AI of "discrimination", the upper half of the screen is detected underexposure, thus AI from the upper half of the screen brightness enhancement.

  For optimizing normal exposure only simple color building, making the scene more full color.



  In the daytime performance, glory Note10 more accurate white balance, color closer to what the human eye, the overall perception of comfort.Note10 glory and the camera shutter faster than tune, such as high chip rate, it is quite handy in use of.



  And the proof of this group of flowers, the color of glory Note10 very rich, high color saturation, and the picture has some details.



  Night aspect, glory Note10 still retains the AIS Super Night hand, by detecting light, and advanced image stabilization process multiple synthesis algorithm can be hand-held shooting within 5 seconds, and the high rate into tablets.You can see from the proofs, the picture brightness is relatively high at the same time, but also to ensure the purity of the screen.

  These are the glory Note10 test results from your camera, now think how to honor Note10 taking pictures, meet your needs you?Glory glory Note10 with the current configuration of the top, regardless of screen, processor, camera these conventional hardware configuration, or THE NINE liquid cooling, GPU + CPU Dual Turbo so the true significance of "black technology", all the glory Note10 It is the current "big screen" as a selling point of the real flagship phone.

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