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?Apple Recovery Master: how to restore the Apple Address Book?



  How to restore the Apple Address Book?How mistakenly deleted phone contacts the back of it?Phone contacts is really important, once lost can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble, I believe we have had problems encountered accidentally deleted phone data, do not know if you have found no way to recover, but through continuous small or testing found a way to recover.Here''s a method to share with you how to restore your phone contacts, and work together to understand it!

  Prepare the necessary tools to retrieve lost address book as the first condition.That in the end what it means?

  1.a computer

  2.a cell phone

  3.An Apple data cable

  4.Apple Recovery Master

  How to restore Apple''s address book:

  Step one: Baidu search Apple Recovery Master (official website address: http: // /), enter the official website in the download screen, click the "Download Now".

  Step two: Download and install Apple''s recovery after the completion of the master, run Apple Recovery Master software.Software can see the default mode is "restored by scanning device".As one of the three modes it more of an advantage is that no backup, so you can better apply to restore contacts, micro-channel chats, text messages and other data items.For the other two modes are required phone itself backed up, then you can recover lost contacts in Apple Recovery Assist master at.We click on the initial interface software "Next" to enter the interface data recovery items.


  Step Three: interfaces to data items.How should we recover lost contacts yet?Very simple, click on the "Contacts" icon, enter the scan interface.


  Step Four: At this point it should be entering the scan interface.In the interface, you need patience to wait for a while, scanning the time associated with the phone memory, large memory scan time longer, and vice versa so.After entering the Contacts screen display interface will see orange box buddy buddy on the left, these friends is to be deleted contacts.At this point we need to check the contacts you want to restore, click "Restore to computer", then we can see on the computer.Apple Recovery Master can also directly restore contacts back to the original cell phones, and click the "Restore to Device" on it.


  Well, that is how to recover lost address book tutorial method.After you read, what I do not understand?Also as a professional data recovery software - Apple Recovery Master Data can also be backed up, a friend in need quickly download to try it.

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