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?Apple HomePod speaker how mating connector?



  Apple HomePod speaker how mating connector?How if you happen to own a pair HomePod speakers, you can now create and place them in the same room as a stereo pair.Then tell you how to connect!

  1.First you need an iPhone, iPod or iPad, and the systems are upgraded to 11.Version 4 or higher;

  2.Make sure that your HomePod has been updated to iOS 11.4 or later.(You can check if an update is available Apple Home application, the speaker will be displayed in the application.)


  3.Use household applications, ensure that the two speakers in the same room.

  4.Click on the room type (ie living) Home application to change the room type.

  5.In the Home application, hold down HomePod icon, and then click Details.

  6.Click "Create Stereo Pair".

  7.Select the second HomePod link them together.


  8.Click "Back", then click "Finish" - to finish.

  If you want to cancel connect the speakers, go to the Home application and click on ungroup.

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