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?Alipay fund launched what conditions, how much sesame credit points or more?



  Alipay new fund is now borrowing capabilities to help users live a month to borrow a sum of money.Mody open Alipay spare it, Alipay opening of imprest what conditions, how much sesame credit points or more in order to open??Here''s a look at it!


  Alipay how to open imprest?

  Open Alipay into the home, if the page there is a "cost of living can receive a sum" This is the entrance position, if the instructions do not see you do not have qualifications, not everyone can be opened Oh, the reserve is still gradually opening them.

  Receive conditions and usage rules introduced:

  Very simple, just open Alipay App- into my interface --- --- imprest ants members can see, you can see before you is opened, if not open is no such entry.

  It is worth mentioning that the fund currently supports only mentioned Alipay balance inside, the amount of access must be an integer.

  Receiving condition:

  1, Alipay has completed authentication;

  2, between the ages of 18-70 years of age and residents of mainland China;

  3, ants membership levels must be at 650 points and above, and no credit points sesame negative record in Gold Members and above, and sesame credit points.

  Use rules:

  Credit rules:

  $ 500 per fixed fund.(There is no relevant information about the Alipay imprest amount can not be lifted)

  Access rules:

  1, 2 times a month desirable petty cash, access to money to 500 yuan integer unit, access for a period of 7 days (excluding the day of application);

  2, when the fund initiative to return the full amount to be returned, not part of the return;

  3, petty cash access at no interest and costs;

  4, may apply after every access need to settle down a sum of access.Currently only supports access to select Alipay balance.

  These are the opening of imprest Alipay required conditions and rules, sesame credit needs to reach 650 points before they can receive petty cash, we want to help.

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