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? Wing line shared bicycle deposit you need?



  Wing On-line shared bicycle deposit you need?Wing On-line credit cooperation with sesame "deposit-free scan code Car" service, in 2016, has been extended to 80 domestic cities, serving a total of over 85 million people, less than 50 cases of breach of contract.In other words, in addition to deposit-free, strong punitive measures by external constraints, but also more effective to urge the user to maintain a bicycle.When the user of theft or damage to bicycles, not just being punished platform, which may affect their future financial credit services, it will lead to more effective checks and balances.

  In addition, Wing On Bank also announced a strategic cooperation with Alipay word of mouth, by the next business cable integration of all resources, and conduct business based LBS to explore and develop.


  Given the existence of a shared bicycle Luantingluanfang, and pain points upcoming operation, maintenance and a series of urban management, "Wing line" launched bike sharing 2.0 ie "There is no station pile" type of stack Wing, delivery and set up a shared bicycle parking sites fixed by Wing stack specifications parking and orderly management, to solve the difficult problem of peak period car hire, travel ways to build within 1-3 km range.Wing stack first beta testing in the Shanghai area, open businesses and apply the next line.

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