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? WhatsApp call it free



  ? WhatsApp call it free?Let''s look at the cost of introduction WhatsApp call

  First make sure to have each other''s phone numbers, and other installed applications whatsapp.If not, then you can invite your friends to register to download registration.Here is the iPhone version of the client for presentations.

  1. Open whatsapp, invite and add friends

  2, after registering a good friend to install whatsapp''ll see you in the personal collection interface, expressed successfully added.Click to go to friends page

  3. Click the button to make free telephone calls, wifi network is used by default.You can also set a column in the "Settings", if there is no wifi free calls can also be set to use the data traffic.

  4, wait to be connected to, WhatsApp first year free of charge!(After costs may have changed, now only an annual fee 0.$ 99 fee.)


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