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: Recover to restore long chats, how to quickly restore the micro-channel chats



  : Recover restore functions are enthusiastic users from their circle of friends to brush up on the vibrato, finally eliminate down and fired up the heat.There are a small partner in the background asking Xiao Bian: ": recover to restore long chats?"I can only say that you want to restore the micro-channel chats take a look at the following little knowledge of it.

  : Recover APP repair work is micro-channel for carrying the case where the repair mechanisms of micro-channel anomalies, using the micro-channel current page repair shall be carried out in the micro channel guide team, this feature is only applicable to micro-channel flash back, system crashes and other oh.For manually remove the micro-channel chats junior partner, do not easily use this feature!For recover repair small functions, small partners to hope the rumors stop wise!(In order to verify never tell you is not true, Xiao Bian personally test result expression packets are lost!)

  For everyone to recover micro-channel chats five practical and simple way to share a little below.

  Method One: Apple Recovery Master (computer software)

  Want to restore the micro-channel chats deleted, of course, is to choose a professional tool automation.Worry about data leakage?Download Apple Recovery Master (http on the local computer: // / html / 24067.html), operate their own, do your own Data Recovery Master.

  Download and run the recovery master apples, select [recovery] mode by scanning device, scanning the phone residual data.Enter the main interface, click the icon to restore the corresponding data, we want to restore the micro-channel chats, click [micro-channel chats] icon; we want to restore the WeChat friends, click [micro letter directories icon; we want to restore the micro-channel fail file or micro-channel expired pictures and other data, click [micro] icon letter accessories.


  To restore the micro-channel chats, for example, after the completion of the previous step into the micro-channel chats recovery interface, orange font is already deleted micro-channel chats, black font is not deleted micro-channel chats, we can go to our need to search keywords according to recovery of micro-channel chats, check the data in the lower right corner click on the [computer] to return to the micro-channel will delete chat logs exported to a computer to view the.


  Method Two: If the brothers APP (mobile software)

  If you''re still just a computer white, for not very familiar with computer operation, worry about their misuse can cause secondary damage data?That small advice Download "If brothers" APP on the phone, make an appointment to submit data recovery service, we will soon have technical staff to give technical support, remote phone to help you recover data oh ~


  Method three: Using iCloud data backup and recovery

  Data backup, data recovery is a prerequisite.Therefore, important documents in general, is to be backed up, such as micro-channel chats, contacts, etc..After the turn iCloud Backup will automatically back up micro-channel chats in the case of a stable WiFi access, micro-data recovery Raiders, where I do a simple explanation.


  Open the iPhone, then click into the "Settings" - "General" - "Restore" - "Erase All Content and Settings".In this step, erase all content and settings.Select iCloud backup file containing the deleted micro-channel chats were reactivated after activation is complete, remove the micro-channel chats restored to the iPhone.


  Of course, there is little mention of partners, use iCloud to restore micro-channel chats sure to erase all the data you phone?I do not want to erase all the phone data, ah, just want to restore the micro-channel chats in iCloud!How are we operating under that this happen?In fact, Apple Recovery Master residual data in addition to scanning the phone, you can also read iCloud backup file restore data oh.[Backup by] iCloud recovery mode by using Apple ID read our iCloud backup file recovery of a micro channel chat required.



  If you are an Android mobile phone users can download the happy box Cho''s brother software, a data recovery software for Android devices users, software for PC and App (search Zhuo brother in-app download market, such as no Baidu search Cho brothers , visit the official website to download), the user can restore data directly through the App directly on the phone.


  : Recover to restore long chats?In fact recover does not apply to manually remove the micro-channel chats recovery.We can choose according to their actual situation for their own methods, if everyday life we removed a micro-channel chat, we can use the above method of operation Oh, but in order to ensure the success rate of recovery micro-channel chats, we recommend that small partners be sure to avoid micro-channel data covered oh

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