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: Recover really be able to recover micro-channel chats it?Micro-channel recording recovery tutorial



  : Recover really be able to recover micro-channel chats it?Micro-channel recording recovery tutorial.In addition to the well-known function, micro-channel, there are some deeply hidden features and techniques, such as Xiao Bian transferred some time ago to see "can restore micro-channel chats" WeChat repair function, this function: recover really be able to recover micro-channel chat record it?

  : Recover really be able to recover micro-channel chats it?


  Let''s take a brief look at this feature, open the upper right corner click on the phone''s micro-channel [+] - [Add friend] in the search box to enter [: recover] (Note To enter the English state)


  Click the search, the repair will appear, possession is indeed a deep ah, you can see options are chats, contacts, and other circle of friends.


  Then we began to experiment, and to delete a micro-channel chat box on the phone.


  Then [Open] function to repair the fault, click [chats] will begin to repair, the repair is completed need to force restart the micro-channel.


  Witness to the truth when below, the letter after the restart micro, small micro-channel open dialog just deleted, a blank!Say good recovery micro-channel chats it?


  So do not be fooled!This micro-channel function can not recover deleted micro-channel chats!Quite a few users have reported not only failed to recover the data you want to recover, but lead to some data lost!In fact, do not blame others micro letter, after all, people have a Tips: Use current page needs to be repaired at the WeChat team guide, it may cause new problems, with caution.To those who blame can only blame the unscrupulous small series!

  So if you really need to restore the micro-channel chats accidentally deleted, how to do it?Experts recommend using a professional or Apple phone data recovery software to recover, so that is more reliable, such as the iPhone can use the phone happy Recovery Master (official website: http: // /) software, micro-channel to quickly retrieve deleted chat, the following steps:

  The first step: Baidu search happy recovery master phone, you can also search for the download site to download the phone happy Recovery Master, you start to pay attention when you download different versions of.


  Step Two: After the download is complete, connect your phone to your computer and run Recovery Master happy phone.Appears on the screen three data recovery mode: to restore the device by scanning through the iTunes backup and recovery, backup recovery by iCloud.Because we are here to restore the micro-channel chats, it is recommended that you can first use the first data recovery mode recovery.Then, click on the "Next" button, enter the phone scan status.


  The third step: After the scan is finished, we came to the main interface data recovery.We can recover 17 kinds of items in this interface.Data in this chapter talking about the recovery of deleted micro-channel chats, therefore, we are here to click on the icon [] micro-channel chats.


  Step four: After entering the interface micro-channel chat, we will first see is that we have all been recorded on the phone scanned, and then is the emergence of yellow and black colors and fonts on screen.Here small and everyone under the explanation: black micro-channel chat is not deleted record, while yellow is already deleted micro-channel chats.If you want to restore the micro-channel chats deleted, click on the selected those micro-channel chats want to restore the deleted inside checked, then click the "Restore to computer", you can restore the micro-channel chats on your computer to save and view the.


  Above is the real micro-channel chats the most likely way to recover, mainly through the Apple phone is relatively good data recovery freeware - happy phone recovery master, there is a need at first partners can download free trial, if there is to scan want to recover data, we can begin to restore it.

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