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楚留香新传 Raiders game



  楚留香新传 Raiders game

  First talk about the user interface, basically with the mouse is enough, in fighting with keyboard is more convenient.

  The proposed election turn-based, do not rush, hold down ctrl and then press the left mouse button is to use the dodge, shift key is a toggle key walking and running

  The moves can drag and drop the shortcut bar, just press the number keys you can use when fighting.

  Items may also be placed in the shortcut bar items, shortcut keys are the number keys on the keypad.

  The first part of the juvenile Chu Liu Xiang

  Chu family

  Chu Liu Xiang martial arts since childhood aversion, Chu father decided to let him go no way to test the Provincial Examination.Chu Liu Xiang because the nose there is a problem in poor health since childhood, can only stay at home, so no friends.Chu father found him a friend Hu Tiehua.One day, a group of bandits attacked the Chu family manor, Chu Liu Xiang and Hu Tiehua defeated the robber, but Chu father was injured, which made Chu Liu Xiang aware of the importance of martial arts.He decided it needed to train their martial arts to protect people who do not want to lose.Robber left by a girl named Lee red armbands, was hijacked robbers.However, the official was framed home and thieves collusion Chu, wanted to defraud money, Chu father unwilling to compromise, rather cleared family wealth to retainers.Chu father decided to go live in the south, called Chu Liu Xiang Li armbands and Hu Tiehua first sent back to her home in Guangzhou, southern meet again.


  On the big map, we see two people panic into the Wuchang.Chu Liu Xiang They followed up.Notice the two men first went to the inn and found a man down in the room, catch dock, rescued another person, that person is the best in the world of Su Rongrong Yi Rongshu.Chu Liu Xiang in the inn relapse, Hu Tiehua to the pier alone, someone taught him a style of martial arts, and teach Chu Liu Xiang one kind of internal strength with skin breathe.The man please go to Guangzhou Su Rongrong Chu Liu Xiang sent home Autumn Song.


  Entered Guangzhou saw many Guanci in Guangzhou city, Lee red armbands asked her father to the man, the result was Guanci hunt, Song sweet child shot to solve them.The original Song sweet child''s father is Autumn Song.Song Autumn Song sweet child told Chu Liu Xiang and father killed by red armbands are Zaoren.p.s.There Jihuang patients must bring in the hall Song.Chu Liu Xiang so far three have been playing confidante.

  Bamboo Hill

  A pedestrian fled Guangzhou, came to the mountain bamboo.Chu Liu Xiang Song sweet child to find three kind of ingredients.

  1) muntjac meat in the hands of Orion

  2) start with betel nut passers say that the cat is stolen, then stop clicking the black cat, who will fall from it.

  3) Ninghai salt in households can be asked to be a master Hui Zhen South Shaolin has.

  p.s.Tiger not here to provoke, provoke you are ready to read the files it.

  # P # subtitle # e #

  The second part of the Young Chu Liu Xiang


  Chu Liu Xiang came to Suzhou to find a happy fish for Song sweet child.Joe Smith must first find a fast network, to inquire about the beggar on the street, knowing that Joe Smith to action tonight.Through the right channel to Suzhou Suzhou gardens, and Xifeng dialogue on the second floor, that she volcano ice jade is John''s goal.Back to the inn, and in the evening they came to the gardens Hu Tiehua.Joe Smith failed to start, Chu Liu Xiang told if they could steal to give him happy fish.Back to the inn can play games (like the police catch the thief on the long long ago of apple-ii).After disguised as official Chu Liu Xiang to the gardens to investigate.Unexpectedly volcanic ice jade has been stolen.After the wind and its sister maid Trillian talk, Chu Liu Xiang to determine the problem with Trillian.First quietly go out and meet the people in the building of Ning Xin.Wait a while to see Trillian go out, get the follow up to the volcanic ice jade Joe Smith, Joe Smith just above the house''s dock.


  Unzen ship more than an uninvited guest, and they went back to Wuchang Chu Liu Xiang of Chu Liu Xiang home.Chu Liu Xiang alone go out to inquire about the news, and passers dialogue that capture and steal immortal God Xin Zhuo Chiba superior to contest the opposition woods.After returning home and everyone to go with the wild woods.After a chat and all, the contest began.Unexpectedly, this is a trap, Su Rongrong was arrested.Vulcan little beggars told Chu Liu Xiang likely culprits in the Chu family manor.Chu came to the manor house, met Hu Tiehua living in the Central Plains a little red.Chu into the home from the back door to find Gao Yanan in the Chu family closet, get back to Wuchang to find Unzen key emerald rescued Gao Yanan.Unzen find small Vulcan know they go down the river a.p.s.Opposition woods can be found in two appearances sword

  Throwing Cup Villa

  Joe Smith came aboard the boat throwing Cup Villa, left Hou said light seen people came Villa, leave Villa, On the way to the cave, left Pearl Chu Liu Xiang to come to her room.Su Rongrong rescued after a story and true left Pearl.Pearl had left Unzen is fake.Vincent told Chu Liu Xiang Su Rongrong brother''s murderer killed in hatred of thunder Shuntian.# P # pagination title # e #


  Shuntian came, the crowd dispersed to seek information.Chu Liu Xiang first came Shuntian Guan Chai Nga and dialogue that is about to close the gates for three days, then go all together.

  1) Hu Tiehua in the inn

  2) Gao Yanan before Doguya

  A front Mingju 3) in the right channel tea Li Shun

  4) In Suncheon Song sweet child the right channel Zhang Jianzhai pharmacy in

  After finding them back to the inn.Two days later, Chu Liu Xiang went out of Song sweet child, come before the troupe Sunchon right channel of a theater, you know Song sweet child has been returned to the inn.Back to the inn, defeat enemies around, throwing the cup back to Villa.

  # P # subtitle # e #

  The third part of the zombie

  Throwing Cup Villa

  Pearl left seriously ill, he says he is waking up after Shi Yan.Chu Liu Xiang entrusted to inquire about the news application Chuang.

  Bamboo Hill

  Shi Yan in the room, saw Shi Yan is dead, get the rouge box on the table, and then defeated flower gold bow, away from the side yard.Back to throwing Cup Villa, took gold bow came to her daughter, Chu Liu Xiang decided to visit home.After the defeat once again took gold bow, she went to ask for reinforcements Xue, Xue Chu Liu Xiang as she came.Chu Liu Xiang Xue Yi people recognize, not give him anti-Chu Liu Xiang was invited to view the sword.Xue left, and encountered stone Xiuyun Xue Bin, Shi Xiu Yun Xue Bin kill in revenge for the sister mountain bamboo forest entrance, not the opponents Xue Bin.Chu Liu Xiang afraid stone Xiuyun fudge, home to Suzhou Shi Xiu Yun.Shi Xiu Yun finished after listening to how he died sister, Xue Chu Liu Xiang back to the village to ask Xue Bin.Xue Bin Shi Xiu Yun said he did not know sister.Suzhou Chu Liu Xiang back to dig up the grave and found no bodies.After the discovery of doubt, Chu Liu Xiang Shi Yan they came to the room, opened the masks, stone Xiuyun recognize that his dead sister.When leaving the bamboo mountain, a small Vulcan told Chu Liu Xiang Ye Shenglan in Shuntian.


  Go to the theater, looking inside the star, that Ye Shenglan fragrance in hospital.After listening to the explanation Ye Shenglan back to see Xue Xue Chuang Yi people.

  Bamboo Hill

  Xue Village, front yard on fire, Xue Yi people went to look, laugh Xue Chu Liu Xiang took the opportunity to survey people''s room.Xue laughed at that Xue''s room is between the right of the back garden, no entry beginning to appear in the doorway after investigation.Hill left the bamboo forest, a small Vulcan mother told Liang in Suzhou.p.s.Xue Xu Travels can be found in the back garden


  Ning built in the heart of Suzhou, met Liang Ma, Shi Yan expose of suspended animation.

  Throwing Cup Villa

  Back to throwing Cup Villa, left Pearl said to have seen a real Shi Yan, has been fully aware of the truth.But in the end, in order to resolve two of hatred, Chu Liu Xiang and no light left to tell the truth Hou.


  In the evening, go home to Suzhou Shi Xiu Yun appointment.Next up, stone Xiuyun has left.

  # P # subtitle # e #

  Part IV Legend Of The Bat


  From there, that Gao Yanan Hu Tiehua master Kumeidashi return to secular life, Joe Smith there to understand the situation, but no one on board.Look to the inn, saw Jin Lingzhi.He was invited to go on board even better a guest ride Chu Liu Xiang Zhang ship came on board even better of.

  Even better on board

  There is a new visitor, Chu Liu Xiang people came with deck.After returning to the room assigned rooms.The captain let Chu Liu Xiang to the lower cabin to see a strange thing.Six coffins found in the cabin.With a scream outside, even better chase out, fear of a accident, Chu Liu Xiang followed with out, but too late, found the body on the deck of Captain.Back to the bedroom to investigate.The next player begins Hu Tiehua control.(But I hate Hu Tiehua because of his self-righteous) the result is a mess Hu Tiehua, the real murderer escaped, the boat was sunk, people under the leadership of Chu Liu Xiang, with the coffin when the boat escaped.

  Yuan Suiyun boat

  When people adrift at sea, sailors on board was found Yuan Suiyun saved up.Back to the room, Hu Tiehua bored look on deck, met Jin Lingzhi, just as the two men immersed in happiness, Gao Yanan suddenly appeared, also on board the original Kumeitaishi.Gao Yanan due to misunderstanding, Hu Tiehua feel helpless, looking for drinking Yuan Suiyun.At this crew to report, netted a man fishing.This person has been in a coma, decided to let the Yuan Suiyun Kumeidashi heal.Jin Lingzhi once again about to meet Hu Tiehua on deck.I did not realize the deck is Gao Yanan.Hu Tiehua find Jin Lingzhi inquire the cause of missed appointments.Then came Kumeitaishi room screaming, into a look, Kumeidashi Yizao murderous.After so many things, and finally to Bat Island, back to the cabin to find Jin Lingzhi together on the island.# P # pagination title # e #

  Bat Island cable car ride into the hole, then have a choice 1) elect Chu Liu Xiang 2) selected Hu Tiehua (I chose the Chu Liu Xiang)

  A landed, they were ambushed and separated from the others.Out of the cellar, is a walkway, at the end of a guard room, temporarily do not go in, first rescued another room Hua Barbara.Then go to prison to save others.Cell lock, open, then you can get the keys back to the guard room.After entering the cell, the others being the son bat stun, to continue the investigation after eleven wake.Went to the hospitality room is still dark, Chu Liu Xiang back to the cellar to fetch a jar of wine.Lit drink, unlock secrets Chu Liu Xiang, Yuan Suiyun is the son bat.Yuan Suiyun Fight fire escape, Chu Liu Xiang of China and Barbara tracked him into the chamber bat son''s room.The results are kept in the inside.After a child, Hu Tiehua opened the door and rescued them.Back to the trailhead, defeated Yuan Suiyun, the end of the bat legend.

  # P # subtitle # e #

  Part V Peach legend


  Part VI Moon Legend (ending)

  Chu manor house

  Chu Liu Xiang back to the manor, first to find three girls hello, then back to his room to sleep.

  1) Lee red armbands in accountant

  2) Song sweet child in the kitchen

  3) in Zizhu Yuan Su Rongrong

  Chu Liu Xiang went the next day to find Shuntian Hu Tiehua


  Entered Shuntian can see Hu Tiehua, you knew he was going to escort Princess Crescent King Island.Then go to spend aunt informed.Flower aunt in the play park there.Hu Tiehua looking back to the inn, and he went fragrance floor.

  Yu Jian Villa

  In order to understand the truth, Chu Liu Xiang to go and see Mr. Du Yu Jian Villa, then went to the princess room.After understanding the truth, regardless of the matter decided Chu Liu Xiang.

  p.s.Mr. Du room can get emergence Feixianguan


  After returning Shuntian told Hu Tiehua his decision to leave Shuntian.


  Joe Smith to find a boat to go to the Japanese stronghold.Ishida tried to bribe Chu Liu Xiang Zhai kill Shi Tianwang.Chu Liu Xiang did not agree, but for their own reasons decided to go King Island.

  King Island

  Joe Smith again to find a boat to go to King Island.In King Island saw Shi Tianwang, but there are seven, Chu Liu Xiang can not tell which is true only to give up.

  Yu Jian Villa

  Yu Jian met at Villa Du, Du told Chu Liu Xiang moon princess succeeded in killing the Shi Tianwang, but also at the expense of their own.Chu Liu Xiang very reluctant to leave Villa.

  Chu manor house

  Emilia brought news that Shitian Wang did not die, but also about Chu Liu Xiang duel in Changbai Mountain.


  Suzhou boat to customs.First Changbai Jianpai, did not see Shi Tianwang, to participate in and no help, wondering went Jurchen tribes, also no gain.Chu Liu Xiang decided to find fooled altogether all the way westward, by the way on a tour outside the customs.

  Caves: After Chu Liu Xiang will go to the bottom and then later say, then return to export, can meet Unzen, that Shi Tianwang in the south, where a tree from her.

  Oasis: have entered the battle, but several games in a row to be careful

  Kunlun school: go to the head of the Kunlun School, first go to the Kunlun do not ski, because dodge level is not enough, we can not get to the treasure.p.s.Cave next to the Kunlun school, there are feng sword

  Turpan: The king will let you look for the new moon princess, of course, is yes.

  Chengdu: In an old man can play at the game, you can increase dodge rating by words.Now you can go to the Kunlun trails take the treasure.p.s.Cave next to Chengdu where you can get ice feijian

  Kunlun slopes: There are many good things


  Here can not run, use the go, some places still use dodge.

  Around in the branches everywhere, find Xia Ji, the Princess said she had been sent to the moon in Turpan.After Chu Liu Xiang pretend to believe, back entrance, re-enter.Recall action Xia Ji did it again.

  The new entrance will open.Go after the new moon can be found Princess.After the addition of the new moon princess very low levels, we need to protect.After she may be easier to upgrade all the points are added to the defense, so that the last big battle.Back to the trailhead can be found Shi Tianwang, after a war is ending animation.

  Finally I wrote a play, it took me three days, longer than the playing time of the game.I want to play this game helpful.

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