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普雷伊希斯 battle DNF DNF 普雷伊希斯 what the basic rules are the basic rules introduced tough fight



  What are the basic rules of battle DNF 普雷伊希斯?普雷伊希斯 tough fight this is a new group, you know 普雷伊希斯 battle participants, time constraints, restrictions, what the rules of consumables can be used like it is?The following small series for everyone to bring a DNF battle 普雷伊希斯 basic rules introduced, with a look.


  DNF battle 普雷伊希斯 basic rules introduced


  * Up to 12 characters can join.

  limited time

  * For 60 minutes overall time limit.

  * Each battle applicable time limit specified.

  Preparation team

  * Actors involved in tackling every team can be composed of a group of four people, build the team up to 3 groups.

  * In order to enhance the convenience of the team, allowing the team to build the actual different teams.

  * Can be individually moved in the hall.When dropped into the defense area, the formation of teams of up to 4 people.

  * For details, see instructions battlefield.


  * The Magic Resistance value of less than 5300, and will limit became involved in the campaign of tackling team.

  Their resurrection relevant skills * limit the role of skills in the use.

  - magician (male), Paladin (Female), guardian

  * Each dungeon can be used to limit the number of coins resurrection, and shared between team members.

  * Depletion a 60-minute time limit, or depletion of Sri Lanka Lei Kekun physical / mental, the combat failure.Then will re-issuance of tickets by mail.

  * Lead to defeat or retreat when the battle was lost, will go to the lobby and get resurrected punishment, can not participate in combat within a certain period of time.

  * After the battle began, unable to return to Sai Liya room by conventional means.

  * Use only the specified consumables.

  Dedicated consumables

  Name of the effect of the night blessing recovery nostrums HP recovery 30%.

  MP recovery 30%. Night blessed state recovery nostrums recover all the abnormal state.For all grades.

  10 seconds all abnormal state of immunity. Lu Hesi body strengthening nostrums within 60 seconds, the power of +175, +175 intelligence,

  Damage + 12%.

  Consumables catalog available

  Props name usage restrictions Night blessings recovery nostrums hold limit: 3

  Usage restrictions: no night of the blessing of the state of recovery nostrums Luhe Si assistance to strengthen the body holds limit nostrums Remy: None

  Usage restrictions: each dungeon 10 shiny shiny world of Remy aid instrument magic juice Sai Liya handmade cake her mind Sai Liya special tone cool drink

  * The frequency of use of consumables can be shared.

  DNF battle Prairie copy of Raiders

  DNF Prairie * Isis Collection battle Raiders battle the whole mechanism of a two-stage phase detailed Raiders detailed Raiders ? ? Sri Lanka Lei Kekun defensive - Baoyan believer 加德拉肯斯 Lei Kekun defensive war - fighting defensive battles Shikugaisi Leike Kun - Ai Yike silence Devil''s Tower Moonlight Rainbow - Aries Ka Lier void Devils Tower - Swept Greta floating garden - rain cloud of magic courtyard - shattered fortress guarding the holy Land - Sky Bow Alexandra Storm holy Land - holy Land golden winged lion Telitula Stars - Star Keeper Joe Diack fallen holy land - predator rest Rosewall large courtyard - Queen of flowers Bose Mu chaotic battle ground - the red-legged Yi Ketuo abyss observation tower - Beast Si Ruimu sky nest - Prairie Yi Heath

  These are the small series as we bring DNF 普雷伊希斯 campaign of the basic rules of introduction, I hope to help our players.

  99danji Xiao Bian guess you like

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