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普雷伊希斯 battle DNF DNF 普雷伊希斯 shrine area play Raiders Raiders battle the Holy Land area BOSS Collection



  DNF 普雷伊希斯 campaign of the first stage is divided into four regions, where the shrine area, there are four BOSS, respectively, Sky Bow Alexandra, gold winged lion Telitula, Star Keeper Jody Senanayake and the Marauders Rosewall.The following small series brings DNF 普雷伊希斯 BOSS Raiders battle the Holy Land collection area for everyone, with a look.

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  DNF 普雷伊希斯 battle shrine area BOSS Raiders Collection

  DNF 普雷伊希斯 battle clearance Raiders Collection Click to view >>>

  [Shrine] area

  Blue and red dot area] [Holy, birds from entering the tail.


  Guarding the four different monster, four fixed positions 1,5,9,13 generated, a target phase for the Raiders of the Holy, Holy Raiders after successful copy into the second stage.An analogy to the Holy Land can only ex tough fight in the Pillar of Atlas.

  Each clearance a holy place, in the 30S will be a special merchant --NPC explorer Luhe Si.This merchant sale by injury agents, similar to Macross whirlpool Orc Sage businessman.Note: A copy of this merchant does not sell the blood of exclusive agents, need to buy in to the group before the opening of the NPC Arthur.


  The bursting of the Holy Land - Sky Bow Alexandra

  Sky Bow Alexandra, guarding shattered the Holy Land, because it can transmit sensitive to a variety of bows and arrows in the diagram is the player known as "Archer".Alexandra is one of the most difficult Isis copy of the monster, the nightmare clouds with showers of the courtyard, is also the mechanism of unskilled.Alexandra spike no mechanism in nature, but to finish her broken against, anticipation ability to walk on role has a high demand.

  When we came to the BOSS room, the eye is such a monster:


  BOSS before the break defense mechanism there will be a basic mechanism of release time, during which we can hand skills than double sense be Luke rub blood type output.The basic mechanism is as follows:

  BOSS tag emits the X-axis direction, the forward bow, there is shown in FIG ground: Mechanism 1.Bows and arrows appear in random colors red, blue, purple.If a player is hitting the bow and arrow, it will hurt, and depending on the color of the bow and arrow, players will be burning (red bow), frozen (blue bow and arrow) and blindness (purple bows and arrows) anomaly effect.Pay attention to avoid.



  Mechanism 2: BOSS emitted simultaneously on three points bow hair, in the next three directions emission attack on the player, in one shot, the same color bow three directions.BOSS will randomly shoot at once, or a random field chasing a player three consecutive times archery attack.Bow of color into red, blue and purple.If a player is attacked, the damage will be sustained, and will respectively cause burning (red bow), frozen (blue bow and arrow) and blindness (purple bows and arrows), depending on the color of the bow and arrow bow and arrow effect.Pay attention to avoid.



  Mechanism 3: BOSS will fly in the air, will then produce a wider range of property area, and fired a bow and arrow this property Strip detonated property Strip.Explosive damage is extremely high, pay attention to avoid.


  Mechanism 4: BOSS will bow and arrow strikes the sky, then the ground will be a red circle marks the location of the red circle will have different colors bow and arrow, as the player standing here will be hurt, avoid the need to concentrate.


  5 mechanisms: a field player BOSS will randomly labeled, and their crazy style to emit the same color of the bow and arrow, and the corresponding abnormal results.The ground will be a red circle, red circle is the location of this bow and arrow landing, similar to the campaign of mechanical magic ball Luke Luke throne at the body maker produced.The players need to be marked away from the unmarked player and quickly ran chart divert bow and arrow shooting.Bow and arrow transmission frequency very fast, too fast player DOT.



  BOSS will be the key mechanism of these five mechanisms recurring, after a period of time, BOSS breaking anti-emergence of.Described as follows:

  BOSS will launch a green bow and arrow toward the sky, and then bow down and randomly in the formation of six green trap.Abnormal resistance to normal players stepped on the trap, it will immediately enter the bound state, then disappear trap.Bound state duration of about 2-3S, the instrument can be used to lift the world and the world to use instrument, step on the trap at the time of its entry into force there will not be bound.This is a sign BOSS breaking anti-generating mechanism .This skill will also appear in the BOSS breaking anti-cycling mechanisms of the following.


  Subsequently, BOSS breaking anti-enter the key mechanisms of.

  In the middle of the screen, there will be five gold ball, similar to the light devil Chrono whirlpool, but different light demons, this mechanism does not limit the time to read the article.Meanwhile, BOSS will use all of the above types of skills during their mechanisms to continue to attack the player plays a disruptive effect on the players walk.


  During the mechanism, BOSS will randomly mark a player.Marked the foot of the players will have a yellow circle.


  Yellow out-profile diameter unchanged, in order to explain the state of the player is tagged.But the inner diameter will be gradually reduced over time, as.It represents the inner diameter of the actual size of the yellow circle, with a yellow circle will move with role.



  When the inner diameter reduced to zero, i.e., yellow circle disappear.At this time the color of the outer contour line will be from yellow to red, and the red circle at this time will no longer follow the movement of characters, fixed here.


  After about 1S, the sky will fall instantly a huge yellow bow, red circle disappear immediately, bows and arrows would fall red circle range before disappearing.


  If this giant bow and arrow hit BOSS, the number of golden ball of light below the screen minus 1, that is considered a breaking move.Therefore, players need to be labeled as close BOSS, BOSS that is let in or at the edge of the red circle, the bow and arrow hit BOSS.


  If this is marked by a giant bow and arrow hit players will be forced to bound in yellow crystals, you can not come out and DOT, but also attack a variety of mechanisms BOSS, until death.


  If before the five Golden Globe bottom of the screen is not to eliminate any trapped within the crystal appears a player dies, the declaration mechanism fails.BOSS violent, fly to the middle of the screen, full screen and drop the intensity of the damage high bow and arrow, easily destroy mission.Subsequently similar light Devil Macross whirlpool, both players on a total of more stars golden goal knocked out, bottom of the screen refresh to five Golden Globe, a mechanism of circulation.

  Because of the time limit did not read the article, so we trapped in the field to ensure that in the case of Crystal player is not death, destroyed five Golden Globe, that guide giant yellow bow and arrow in BOSS5 times after, BOSS weakness into a pile 20S, it needs to be full output.If you do not beat the BOSS in the 20S, the light is different from the devil, BOSS blood retention and return to the mechanism of circulation just admission, broken against the mechanism for some time again to complete the anti-strike breaking output again.So reincarnation, can defeat BOSS.

  Beat BOSS, this shrine area clearance.


  1.When completed BOSS break defense mechanisms, we need to lead the red circle around the BOSS, but also moves take place during normal BOSS, so the ability to predict the player has a high demand.We must not do is worry, rather because of the BOSS Teleport away from the red circles and arrows cause lead failure, do not be anxious archers hit.

  2.During the break defense mechanism, BOSS will launch recycling mechanism green arrow into the sky to form six traps in the ground, which requires players need not be marked quickly stepped on a trap, a trap to eliminate a good go for the marked player bit environment.Otherwise, once labeled a player accidentally stepped on a trap, because they are bound by the archers hit so easily lead to being trapped in the crystal.There is a black Technology: part of the job because of their own abnormal state of high resistance, such as the red-eye after four aunt and sleep incarnations such other person bound state immunity trap, trap direct elimination.

  3.It can be seen Alexandra mechanisms of anticipation to walk with high demands, is a nightmare mechanism unskilled persons.

  Storm Holy Land - Gold Winged Lion Telitula

  Gold winged lion Telitula, storm guarding the Holy Land, because of its huge size and appearance of tough as a bull, the image of the player is to become a "big bull".Different monsters cattle and other large room, which is the campaign of Isis, the only need four people survived the monster and must be Mechanism.Fewer people are unable to complete a break defense against Daniel.Daniel hurt high spike of more skills, land reclamation period nightmare.

  When we came to the BOSS room, the eye is such a monster:


  Similarly strange and foregoing, we FIG into, a common mechanism to avoid, at the same time the blood can rub Luke formula.

  BOSS ordinary skill summarized as follows: short displacement collision, smashing.

  Mechanism 1: BOSS flying randomly mark one player appeared at the foot of the red circle, red circle spread from the inside out, BOSS slams into the ground after overlapping, high damage, but be prepared for a long time, a good escape.


  Mechanism 2: BOSS ejection energy accumulator forward position of the triangle, generally hurt, to pay attention to avoid.


  Mechanism 3: BOSS flying and ground to produce W-type zone, rapid expansion outward the red line, the direction of overlap with the outside BOSS so sudden swing pawl, high damage, must pay attention to avoid.


  Mechanism 4: BOSS will forward collision, waving claws and attack the player.Harming normal, pay attention to avoid.


  After some time, BOSS will break defense mechanism, described as follows:

  BOSS flew back to the middle of the map, invincible and bounce all the players, all players enter a brief detention status.After selecting a player marks the furthest away from him, the other players to lift the detention, the players rushed into being detained after a short time, this time need other players standing on the green line blocking BOSS, blocking the successful blocking of the player being detained, blocked fail players were marked by the impact direct spike., Z2 \ * B! v! s5 Y; Y $ K $ S

  This mechanism is repeated three times, so this figure needs of four different players hit each block three times, after the success of all people to lift the detention, BOSS breaking anti-lift invincible 20 seconds.

  This mechanism will be accompanied by the middle of lightning, lightning no harm, but will repel players.


  Occur once the barrier fails, the failure mechanism.At this point, back to just avoid the re-admission of the ordinary mechanism of BOSS, break defense mechanism until again until the BOSS were slain.

  After three successful block, BOSS will be weak pile 20S, at this time we need to be full output.If not beat the BOSS 20S, after the BOSS blood retention, return to just continue to avoid the admission of ordinary BOSS mechanism until the break defense mechanism appears again, until the cycle is complete mechanism BOSS were slain.?

  After defeating the BOSS, this clearance area holy.


  1.During normal mechanisms appear BOSS, must pay attention to take place, to prevent kill BOSS.The presence of a person are not raised, you can not complete break defense to the BOSS, BOSS can only be strong in the high kill anti-state, generally extremely difficult team.

  2.Upon completion of the blocking mechanism BOSS BOSS breaking anti collision, attention must be an intermediate station to the most green line width, or they may cause a certain deviation can not be hit BOSS.

  Starlight Holy Land - Starlight Guardian Jody Senanayake

  Star Keeper Jody Senanayake, guarding the Holy Land of Stars.The body does not attack skills, causing damage to a player comes from stars summon avatar, when the right to kill three points behind the stars, BOSS breaking anti.See here, our minds will be able to emerge out of such a monster - the universe mill.Yes, Macross universe grinder mechanism and whirlpool Star Keeper in very similar, and therefore the player dubbed the "cosmic grinder".

  Into the map, BOSS body invincible fled empty (this process we can not see), summoned a number of stars, and call in the bottom of the screen to read the article.One of the avatar will prompt beam, the rest are fake body.Each avatar reading of 30 seconds, to be read in the article kill spare time.


  If you do not read during the strip kill avatar, the avatar violent, BOSS release of Full spike skills, then summon avatar again, began to read the article again.

  Repeat three times to kill all the stars disappear, BOSS body fell, and lift the invincible weakness into a pile 20S, full output at this time need to defeat BOSS, if not kill, repeat the above mechanism is completed.


  BOSS body did not attack skills, skills are all stars, which stars mechanism is as follows:

  Mechanism 1: straight sprint.BOSS random mark a player, then produce red stripe star players rushed into this, cause harm to the players along the way, you can pay attention to avoid.


  Mechanism 2: The astral the outward diffusion is created by the red circle, a large explosion inside and outside overlapping, standing outside of the circle can be.


  Mechanism 3: Select a random star player connected with lightning, people are not connected to the blood dropped, but the other players will encounter DOT Chain Lightning, who are connected with a chain lightning away from the crowd to.


  Mechanism 4: BOSS randomly select a player, it appears at the foot of the iris, iris rotation around the star experience, players will encounter DOT rotating stars, players need to be marked away from the crowd.


  Mechanism 5: Chain Lightning generated between the stars, players can escape.



  1.In the spare time to kill the stars must pay attention to avoid the BOSS star develops mechanisms, or vulnerable to spike and thus give rise to eradication mission.

  2.About a second before and after the stars were struck, milk can lose the sun immediately, so that players can quickly kill a third anti-BOSS avatar complete break and the sun was still during the break defense output.

  3.BOSS can put this analogy to the Macross universe mill whirlpool, but the damage generated avatar higher than the universe grinder, more mechanisms.

  Fall Holy Land - predators Rosewall

  Marauders Rosewall, guarding the fallen Holy Land, because it looks similar with the bat, it was the image of the player known as "Big Bat".Big bat is relatively simple in the Holy Land area a monster, its mechanism can be summarized as follows: kill avatar, body after killing.To see this mechanism, we must mind emerges out of a monster dominate our year - Rosh.Yes, the whole mechanism of big bats and Roche exactly the same, but this is completely different from the Roche stake, big bat there are some mechanisms.

  When we came to the BOSS room, the eye is such a monster flew from the middle right of the screen:


  Subsequently, BOSS landing call immediately avatar, and generating a yellow aperture at the foot of each player, as shown:


  Then, in the bottom of the screen to summon read the article, we have to do is kill smoothly during the reading of the avatar.


  When the role of the release of any skills, will narrow aperture.When the character is standing still or eat golden ball becomes large aperture.When time is short role, that move appeared normal, whether it is running or walking, Aperture will not change.But when the character appears in a longer running time running, that has been running around in the figure, the iris will gradually shrink.When reduced to a yellow circle and the red circle the same time, BOSS will be aiming for this role, then took off, roles are fixed.BOSS will always be chasing a fixed role to play.


  When eaten yellow ball field, aperture becomes large.


  During the reading of, avatar will use the following mechanisms:

  Mechanism 1: Occurrence will randomly summon stone floor, landing area there will be purple matrix display, pay attention to avoid:



  Mechanism 2: Occurrence will randomly summon purple iris, and with the maximum aperture enlarged purple iris location to catch the moment, the need to avoid.



  When we beat during the reading of the minutes behind BOSS, BOSS Mami appeared, summoned aperture into the air, and then in the aperture range, vertical rockfall spent at this time need to avoid falling rock attack.


  After a successful escape, BOSS will be summoned own rockfall suddenly knocked unconscious, then landed weakness 20S, need to be full output.


  Beat BOSS body, this clearance area holy.?

  Of course, there are two cases:

  1.If not avatar avatar beat BOSS read the article before the end of the BOSS, the spare violent, high-speed chase all the players to use the skills attack, high damage.After the violent end, to spare the blood to retain the remaining first blood, summon read the article.Repeat the above operation.

  2.If you do not beat in the 20S BOSS weak Mami Mami pile of BOSS, BOSS blood is retained, then violent, high-speed continuous marking a player to use the skills attack, high damage.Then summon a full blood began to read the article avatar mechanism of reincarnation.Re-Kill full of blood points behind, continue to avoid the falling rocks and then wait for the BOSS body weak piling beat BOSS.

  You can see, the big bat for the team overall output level of demanding.


  1.During the land reclamation period if less harm, first read the article, the proposed first and then kill spare time crippled but do not kill the spare, and then wait for the players skill recovery CD, so first violent spare time, waiting for the second reading of the avatar.This will ensure that the frail body into a pile BOSS team has all the skills, they can more easily round defeat BOSS, beat to death because the body but also a wave of repeat blood played avatar, not worth the candle.

  2.If you hurt enough, into the room BOSS milk can immediately put the sun, all the players released a short CD skills quickly kill the avatar, and then wait for the BOSS Mami appeared, the sun is still, then you can beat BOSS.Because of the narrow circle BOSS skills as fast as the speed of the release, so be sure to kill the prompt release of the skills, or the foot of the circle will shrink and then cloned fixed.

  3.The BOSS is entirely possible to imagine Roche, the mechanism is to first kill the avatar, and then kill the body.Reproducing avatar not kill the body, until the operation cycle of body blood BOSS 0.

  These are the small series as we bring DNF 普雷伊希斯 battle shrine area BOSS Raiders Collection, I hope to help the players.

  99danji Xiao Bian guess you like

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