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伊苏菲尔盖纳 the oath Cheats



  伊苏菲尔盖纳 the oath Cheats

  Game Download: http: // / pcgames / 20120906/38991.html

  The YsF archive path (x: \ Documents and Settings \ xxx \ Application Data \ FALCOM \ ysf_win)

  ysf_win under.ini file

  GameClearFlag = 0

  GameClearFlagNightMare = 0


  GameClearFlag = 3

  GameClearFlagNightMare = 1

  It also seems to be the key to open the Debug mode?

  After the game, press the function key, the following will happen:

  F2 up a level

  F3 to get 10,000 gold coins

  F4 obtain ore 1000

  F5 HP all-Reply

  Or to use, how to use all means to see,

  Brother just made reference to.As a result it does not seem to modify the device.


  Situation brother is in the test mode are OK,

  But this does not seem to be used in boss rush like?

  If you will not work in Normal also refer to more than 21 House version of the big ideas instead

  GameClearFlag = 3

  GameClearFlagNightMare = 3

  Then an additional;

  The Debug Mode turned out to be all broken reward Nightmare level of Boss Rush,

  Written above method makes it "premature" appears.


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