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ZUK Z2 what kind of SIM card phone card inserted ZUK Z2



  What ZUK Z2 phone card?After ZUK Z2 recently released to configure the 1799 flagship suddenly become the new king of cost, so users have to buy a ZUK Z2 do not know what kind of phone card, your SIM card is not inserted into discovery, Xiao Bian here to Talk about ZUK Z2 type of SIM card.


  ZUK Z2 SIM card specifications:

  ZUK Z2 two slots are NanoSIM, the same card with the iPhone after the iPhone5 use.nano-SIM card, also known as the fourth element in the form of integrated circuit boards, is a new generation of mobile phone SIM card.It is smaller than the micro-SIM area being used, thinner.


  From left to right SIM, Micro SIM, Nano-SIM


  Do not use other cards or card sets do not meet the specifications of the insert, it is recommended go to carriers operating room to replace the standard specifications of the card NanoSIM.

  Mobile 4G SIM card can apply for change in the online business, free express delivery.The new mobile phone standard card + card or a small card with the dual SIM card, do not worry about old cell phone can not be used.

  China Unicom users can only apply to the operating room, costs in some places are free, some require $ 5, and some need more specific charges can call customer service to ask Unicom.


  ZUK Z2 two smart card slots are blind-mate Nano SIM, the use of 4G, 3G, 2G network standard frequency of 22 7 die design a comprehensive coverage of the three operators, business support 4G + network, theoretical download speeds of up to 300Mbps.Appropriate user may wish to try this phone.

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