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ZUK Z2 IR and NFC support it?



  ZUK Z2 IR and NFC support it?After ZUK Z2 release, 1799''s price is bound to have some missing features and workmanship, such as the fuselage is plastic.So many users are concerned about whether ZUK Z2 have infrared capabilities and NFC capabilities, here small for everyone to talk about.


  Infrared remote control can replace the main function in the control of home appliances, and others NFC function is currently widely used in public transportation card recharge card ID and a further analog, such as replication access card.

  ZUK Z2 new generation of 14 nanometer Snapdragon processor 820, a high frequency of up to 2.15GHz, supports 64-bit floating-point operations.CPU performance compared to as much as double the previous generation, Adreno 530 graphics engine by 40%, while reducing power consumption by 40%.Security Bunny ran sub up to 145,741 points. And built six specialized sensor, the activation Hexagon & # 8482; 680 SPU, and can work independently to the CPU, data monitoring motion at low power consumption.

  However, people are concerned about NFC and infrared capabilities, ZUK Z2 and not equipped, so want to buy user ZUK Z2 but maybe there is a demand for function, it is necessary to consider the.By the way, ZUK Z2 Pro is not NFC-enabled.

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