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ZUK Z2 and music which is good Pro3?Pro3 ZUK Z2 and music as the difference between the comparative evaluation



  Millet 6 has been released, the standard full-bleed Xiaolong 835 and 6GB of memory on large, while the starting price of 2499 yuan is still very cost-effective.But even millet 6 has been released, but the initial want to grab the phone is still very difficult.Then Xiao Bian found that once equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor, the phone has been very tragic fall.It is worth to start there are two, namely ZUK

  Z2 and music Pro3.


  ZUK Z2 (4 + 64GB): Lynx Mall price 1299 yuan.(Click here for details)

  As cost-effective to Xiaolong 820 mobile phones, ZUK Z2 5-inch 1080P resolution display, 2.15GHz Xiaolong 820 processor, 4GB RAM + 64GB

  A combination of ROM memory.ZUK

  The Z2 also enhance the phone''s camera function, the distribution of the 13 million pixel camera uses Samsung''s new generation 2M8 sensor with 1.34μm pixel area and f / 2.2 large aperture lens, and is equipped with 5P

  KT lens sheet and a high-brightness high flash.


  Appearance, ZUK

  2 using a double-sided Z2.5D glass block curved part is the high glass fiber, a glass body and to avoid defects easily contaminated with fingerprints, the aircraft also added ZUK the antifouling coating dirt.At the same time in the design of the Home key, ZUK

  Z2, U-Touch retained, using the five in one Home key operated mode, not only increases the custom key gesture, and the left and right sliding can switch applications; Tap return function is provided, it is possible to press the fingerprint to unlock.

  Le Pro3 (4 + 32GB): the price of 1599 yuan.(Click here for details)

  Le Pro3 continuation of the borderless ID design, the machine has a strong resistance at one of the state put out the screen, the fuselage with symmetrical design.Pro3 and music based on the use of metal CNC integrally on the body design, the fuselage added brushed metal cover to further improve texture.In addition, the rear surface of the music Pro3 also use the coating process, there still seems kind of cold metal, but it feels very delicate.


  Hardware configuration, music Pro3 can justifiably claim to have the current flagship machine hardware configuration, Snapdragon 820 processor and with 4GB of memory to run, and for the UFS

  2.Read Write 0.The camera uses Sony IMX current flagship model commonly used

  298, with 16 million pixels, support for DTI pixel isolation technology to effectively improve the picture purity.4070mAh and also equipped with a large-capacity battery, to support high-speed charging of 24W.EUI system running the depth of customization, integration of music as a powerful content resources to meet the needs of any audiovisual.

  Compared to 835 mobile phones Xiaolong, Xiaolong 820 on the poor performance, although some, however, because only four core Snapdragon 820, so in control of power consumption will be better.So if you pay more attention to practicality, then, these two Snapdragon 820 mobile phones is still very worthy of consideration.

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