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ZTE TD-LTE boot from the start of the method is provided




  TD-LTE is a client software can read computer data card, so that when we use computers equipped with data cards, then you want to read when it can be read by the software, and the computer software can also read text messages, phone book and other data, very practical, many users want to automatically turn on the computer after running the software, you need to set up self-starting function, but many users do not know this software how to set self-starting function, then the next small series would like to share ZTE

  TD-LTE set the boot method of operation since the start of it, and interested friends may wish to take a look at this tutorial method, hope to help you.


  Method steps

  1.The first step after we open the software, click on the icon in the lower right corner interface settings, switch to the settings interface software which.


  2.After switching to the software settings interface, we can see that there are several options for network settings are automatically networking, auto-reconnect, roaming tips.


  3.Then the next step we check up all these several options, then check the lower right corner click Advanced Settings options, networking software after checking these options automatically after opening the software, then things will automatically go into run mode , so that to achieve the effect from the start of the.


  4.After the final we need to find the ring setting in the Advanced Settings module, the disconnection ringtones this function check up, then the software will stop running off the network, so we open this disconnection prompted the ability to detect and resolve network problems off.


  These are the small series today to share with you ZTE

  TD-LTE client boot method set from the start, and interested friends may wish to look at this method tutorial, I hope this tutorial can be helpful to everyone.

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