Use the registry to quickly get the writeprotected external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-18 14:00

  Use the registry to quickly fix the write-protected external drive

  There is no write-protect recovery usb with efi and sources folders and reagent.xml switch on the external drive, why is it still write-protectedHow to unlock it?Friends who encounter this recovery usb with system files in windows 10 pro situation must be very anxious, because such a external hard drive can't store and read files, can't recoverying a word document save from flashdrive to harddrive be deleted, and even format operations can't be used, and various external hard drive repair reformat a hard drive and it cannot be recovered procedures are invalid.There is actually a solution for external hard drive being write-protected. Let's reformat windows 8.1 laptop to my windows recovery usb take a look at how to quickly get a write-protected external hard drive using the registry. external reliable way to recover data on portable hard drive hard drive Home

  1. First, we should check whether the write protection switch on the external remove frp for android 6 0 thru usb recovery hard drive is turned on. The switch is the same as the floppy disk used in the past.If there is a switch, remove recovery drive from local hard drive windows 10 be sure to turn it on. external hard drive Home

  2. Check whether the number of files in the remove write protection from hp usb recovery flash drive root directory of the external hard drive has reached the maximum value, the usual format should be 25 removing housing of external hard drive to recover dat a6.If it does not reach 256, continue to see the next step.

  3. Right-click on "My repair dell inspiron 5765 using created dell recovery usb Computer"-->Properties-->Hardware-->Device Manager-->Universal Serial Bus Controller, check whether all the items in reset a hard drive from recovery partition windows 10 this item are normal, if there are abnormal You need to update the driver. external hard drive Home

reset admin password on windows 10 with recover usb   4. After testing, it is found that the external drive can be used normally when replaced with another restore windows from recovery partition to new hard drive machine, indicating that the fault is not in the external drive itself, but on that machine.At restoring lenovo x201 using recovery on usb flash drive this time, formatting, format conversion and other operations on the external hard drive will not retrieve deleted files from usb drive without recovery software work.

  1. Start-->Run-->regedit-->OK, enter the registry.

  2. Check whether there is a StorageDevicePolicies retrieve file external hard drive temporarily saved on computer subkey in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Control\ and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\, retrieve files from external ssd drive to internal hdd and whether there is a WriteProtect value in this subkey. If so, change its value retrieve files from usb stick not recognized on mac to 0 and skip Go to step 5; if not, proceed to the next step.

  3. Check retrieving corrupted files from usb using cmd command prompt HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies. If there is no StorageDevicePolicies item, create run first aid from recovery external hard drive mac a new one (right-click on Control-->New-->Item, and rename the new item to StorageDevicePolicies) run first aid from recovery for external hard drive

  4. Create a new Dword value in the right column and name it WriteProtect, the value is 0 5. After run first aid from recovery mac external hard drive restarting the computer, insert the external hard drive and return to normal.

  Careful friends will run first aid from recovery mojave external hard drive generally find the external hard drive switch lock, whether the external hard drive driver is normal, run first aid from recovery on external hard drive etc.And most of my friends' external hard drives are write-protected because the files inside safe365 external hard drive data recovery wizard license key have been artificially changed, which makes it impossible to store and read normally. At this time, we samsung recovery not showing usb or sd card option need to use the fourth method of modifying the registry to solve it ingeniously.After testing, the samsung recovery software for note 5 with usb disabled above four methods are tested in one round, and you can basically restore your external hard drive samsung s7 data recovery black screen no usb debuggin to normal operation.Friends whose external hard drive is write-protected, let's try the above coup samsung s7 usb debugging off broken screen data recovery too.

  Use the registry to quickly get the write-protected external hard drive: