The external hard drive prompts that it is not formatted for how to recover the data is a perfect solution[Win11 Solutions]

38 2021-08-18 13:30

  By modifying and recovering boot sector data, solve the problem from the source of the problem and recover data from ssd hard drive recover the external hard drive!

  Recommended index: ★★★★ (This kind of direct method is the best, recover data from tivo hard drive more reliable, and can be restored to the state before the problem occurred. The following is the recover data from transcend hard drive root cause of the problem, I will try four methods, the probability of each method being successful recover data from unbootable hard drive It's not the same, but I highly recommend the 3 in the third method.3, 3.4 methods, high success recover data from undetected hard drive rate!)

  The two methods mentioned before are mainly to indirectly solve the problem by backing up the recover data from unformatted hard drive data in the external drive. The methods mentioned below are mainly to solve the source of the problem~ recover data from uninitialized hard drive because the disk is damaged in the boot sector DBR, and dbr is in the 0th sector. So operate for recover data from unknown usb device sector 0:

  Download a winhex software, tool-open the disk-select the external hard drive-select the recover data from unmounted hard drive boot sector, after confirmation, various data appears, from 0000 to the position where the dividing recover data from unreadable external hdd line appears, it is the content of the 0th sector, operate this.

  The position of data 55AA is the recover data from unreadable hard drive range of the main boot area

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  There is an error in this part of the recover data from unrecognised hard drive data. For this, you can find a exactly the same external hard drive, start the content of this part recover data from unrecognized hard drive from the first position, right-click and select "Start of block selection"-to the end position of 55AA, recover data from unresponsive hard drive right click "End of block selection", Then right-click-edit-copy the selected block-standard, then recover data from usb after format open the damaged external hard drive with winhex, find the boot data of the damaged external hard recover data from usb drive linux drive, find the location , right-click-edit-cut version data-write-confirm, and so on Write the correct recover data from usb drive mac data, and then click Save. Of course, your external drive used to copy the boot area information recover data from usb drive raw is best not to be used to make other boot disks before, otherwise the information content in it may recover data from usb drive ubuntu not match.

  (My original operation was to copy the boot information of a memory card and write it recover data from usb free download into my Kingston external drive. After saving it, the size of the external drive appeared, and the recover data from usb free software available space came out. The files in it were also opened, but some There will be errors in the file, recover data from usb stick freeware so it is necessary to find the matching boot file, and then explore a better way!)

  (There is a recover data from usb stick linux saying on the Internet that after formatting each disk, a DBR and a backup DBR will be generated. Both recover data from usb stick mac are the same. When the DBR is damaged, the backup DBR can be used to restore .DBR is in sector 0, recover data from usb stick raw and the backup DBR is in sector 6, so we need to restore the backup DBR of sector 6 to the DBR of recover data from usb stick ubuntu sector 0, but I can't find the backup sector, so please try if you can)

  3.2 Recommendation index: ★★ recover data from usb using cmd ★

  In addition to the above methods, we can also repair the boot area through software, download the recover data from usb windows 10 BOOTICE boot sector maintenance tool, and repair the boot area through DiskGenius for maintenance: recover data from wiped hard drive

  Boot sector maintenance tool through BOOTICE

  I feel that this DiskGenius tool is relatively easy recover data fromunrecognized external hard drive to use. Look at the damage of the boot area of the external drive. The master boot record may be recover data hard drive bad sectors grayed out and the repair will not work. You might as well try.

  diskgenius, you can modify the recover data hard drive clicking noise partition table, repair the boot area, etc.

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  Clone the external drive recover data hard drive deleted partition with winhex, generate an img file, then format the external drive, and then import the formatted recover data hard drive not formatted external drive with winhex, copy the boot area information, open the img, repair the boot area, and clone recover data hard drive not initialized to the external drive, so that the problem is exactly the same before the problem NS!

  Click Clone recover data hard drive not recognized external hard drive

  Clone the external hard drive through winhex

  Clone with winhex, click recover data if hard drive crashed according to the picture, and then confirm, an img file will be generated.After generation, you can recover data logical hard drive failure format the external hard drive. The formatted boot area information is correct, so copy the boot area recover data mac external hard drive according to the above method, and then open the img file just generated, click Professional Tools-Transfer recover data mac laptop hard drive Mirror File After clicking, the starting sector will appear, select and write (paste) the recover data my passport hard drive correct boot information.Then click Save. Here, click Clone Disk, but this time select the modified img recover data not initialized hard drive file as the source and external drive as the destination, and then confirm.After that, the data on recover data not recognized usb drive the external drive is exactly the same as before!(You can also open the img file through the virtual recover data off bad hard drive CD-ROM drive and other software after repairing, and then extract the data inside!)

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  In the same way, we can modify the ima (the hard disk image made with ultraiso, recover data off dead hard drive mentioned above) that we exported in the second method, according to 3.Method 2 Use BOOTICE to mirror recover data off faulty hard drive the ima file (you still need to find the correct dbr record in advance), repair the DBR and save recover data off mac hard drive it, and then the ima can be opened through winimage. Of course, the better way is to open the ima recover data off old hard drive through ultraSO File, click Tools-write hard disk data, select external hard drive, click write, as shown recover data off raw hard drive in the figure:

  Open ima file via ultraSO

  This method is the same as winhex import (because recover data old harddrive sata ii winhex does not support ima format). After writing to the external drive, the data on the external drive recover data old laptop hard drive is exactly the same as the original one.!