Apacer AH354/USB30/32GB sliding external hard drive evaluation whether Apacer external hard drive is good or not depends on it[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-18 13:10

  USB3.0 external drives are not surprising, and there are many hot-selling products on the market, best data recovery software for broken hard drive but each one has its own unique bright spots, and only in this competitive society can we gain a best data recovery software for crashed hard drive foothold.Today I will introduce Apacer AH354 USB3 to everyone.0 USB.This product has an integrated best data recovery software for damaged hard drive U-shaped ring designed exclusively by Apacer, combined with the dual functions of the ring and the hidden best data recovery software for dead hard drives slider. The crystal blue dazzling color and sleek texture design have become the focus of attention.! best data recovery software for external hard disk Let's take a look at this product together.

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  Apacer best data recovery software for external hard drive AH354 USB3.The three major features of external drives are Ultra Fast reading, Unique design, and best data recovery software for external hard drives User-friendly user-friendly experience.The unique U-shaped ring design of AH354 combines the lifting best data recovery software for failed hard drives ring with the hidden sliding cover to make the appearance more concise and neat.The hidden sliding best data recovery software for usb pen drive cover has the advantages of not dropping the cover and easy to hold, creating the best user experience best data recovery software from external hard disk from the details.AH354 cobblestone-like warm and sleek body, with crystal blue U-shaped ring, best data recovery software from raw external disc reveals the sense of speed in elegance, the ring can also be matched with personal style charms to show best data recovery software mac external hard drive a strong self-assertion!

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  Apacer AH354 USB3.0external drive interface best data recovery tool for mac hard drive USB home

  This product has a nominal read speed of up to 80MB per second, which greatly exceeds USB best external hard disk recovery software free download 2.0 eight times as much, less than 56 seconds to transmit a 4.37GB video file, saving a lot of best external hard drive data recovery software mac precious time.Let's take a real test and see how fast it is?

  The maximum reading speed reaches 80.8MB/S best file recovery formatted hard drive tom's hardware

  ● Low-level test: HD Tune Pro v4.60

  HD Tune is a hard disk performance diagnostic test tool.It best file recovery software for external hard drive can detect the transfer rate of the hard disk, burst data transfer rate, data access time, CPU best free bootable usb recovery for windows 7 usage, health status, temperature and scan the surface of the disk, etc.In addition, it can also detect best free data recovery software corrupted hard drive the hard disk's firmware version, serial number, capacity, cache size, and current transfer mode best free hard drive recovery software for mac in detail. USB home

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  Apacer AH354 USB3.0 The reading performance of best free hard drive recovery software windows 7 the external drive under this software is: the lowest transfer rate is 72.4MB/sec, the highest best free recovery data from bad hard drive transfer rate is 77.6MB/sec, average transfer rate 76.7MB/sec, the transmission is quite stable.Let's best free recovery software for external hard drive take a look at other test results.

  ● Underlying test: ATTO Disk Benchmark

  ATTO Disk Benchmark is best free recovery software for formatted hard drive an excellent and free disk benchmark test software that supports read and write tests for stability/ best free software for recovering hard drive dat abursty transfer rates, and is suitable for the read and write performance of conventional hard drives, best free tools for recovering hard drive dat a RAID, external drives, removable memory cards and other products test.

  ATTO Disk Benchmark test best hard drive data recovery app for mac results

  In the ATTO Disk Benchmark test, it can be seen that Apacer AH354 USB3.0 The read speed best hard drive recovery software for windows 8 of the external drive is 80.8MB/sec, write speed up to 19.3MB/sec.The writing speed is a bit best laptop hard drive data recovery usb adapter regrettable.Let's take a look at Apacer AH354 USB3.0How is the actual file copy ability of the external best linux os usb password recovery for windows drive?!

  Measured copy: to meet daily storage applications

  ● Application performance test: Home of best program to recover data from hard drive FastCopy external hard drive

  FastCopy is a compact file/directory copy tool with powerful functions best program to recover deleted files from usb and superior performance. It can fully tap the capabilities of file systems and hard drives, and best program to recover files from hard drive supports counting and timing.A "Transformers" MP4 video clip file containing 1 video file with a total best recovery software for external hard drive free capacity of 283MB is used here, which can reflect Apacer AH354 USB3.0 The external drive is dealing best recovery software for formatted external hard drive with the actual copying capacity of a large-capacity single file; the other file contains 100 MP3 best recovery tool for old hard drive dat a songs with a total capacity of 306MB, which is used to reflect the Apacer AH354 USB3.0external drive best recovery tool for toshiba external hard drive can cope with the copying ability of scattered files.

  Measured copy results

  In the FastCopy best software recover damaged files from hard drive file copy test, Apacer AH354 USB3.0 When the external drive is dealing with a large number of scattered best software to recover corrupted files from external files, it takes 23 minutes.49 seconds, the write speed is 13.05MB/sec, it's a pity.When copying best software to recover files from hard drive small-capacity video files, Apacer AH354 USB3.0 external hard drive write speed is 15.93MB/sec, the best software to recover formatted external hard drive performance is ok, no problem with daily storage. USB home

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  Apacer AH354 USB3.0 The external drive is certified to be fully compatible best usb flash drive recovery software site reddit.com with the Windows 7 operating system, and you can enjoy the excellent experience brought by AH354 on best way to recover data from hard drive different operating system platforms; with the exclusive ACE compression software, you can increase the best way to recover external hhd with ubuntu use by up to 500% Space is to upgrade USB3.0 best choice.

  Apacer AH354/USB3.0/32GB sliding U: