How to solve the problem that the external hard drive cannot be accessed[Win11 Solutions]

14 2021-08-18 13:00

  1. First enter "Control Panel" and switch to classic view, find "Administrative Tools", double-click how much to recover data from hard drive to open, then double-click to open "Local Security Policy", click the plus sign in front of "Local how much to recover data off hard drive Policy", and then click "Security Options" , In the right window, find the "Network Access: Local how much to recover external hard drive dat a Account Sharing and Security Mode" item, and then change the security setting behind it from "Guest how much to recover files from hard drive only-local user authentication as a guest" to "Classic-local users authenticate with their own identity" how much to recover photos from hard drive ".

  2. Open "My Computer", right-click on the RAW format partition, click Properties, find the how much to retrieve files from external hd "Security" tab in the pop-up properties dialog box, and delete the garbled characters in the "Group how recover data from a damaged hard drive or user name:" list box , And then add users of this machine.

  Tip: If you right-click the partition how recover data from a dead hard drive and there is no "Security" label in the pop-up properties dialog box, you can open "My Computer", how recover data from a formatted hard drive click "Tools"-"Folder Options"-"View", and "Use simple files" Cancel the check mark in front of how recover files from external raw formatted drive "Share (recommended)".

  When the above methods can't be solved, you can use software such as easyrecovery how recover specific folder deleted from hard drive to rescue the files on the external drive, and then perform low format.If you still can't find how recovery data from a hard drive broken the external drive, you can right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties", then select "Hardware", how should usb be configured for recovery tool "Device Manager" in the pop-up window, and select "Universal Serial Bus Controller" in the how to access recovery partition on hard drive hardware list , Right-click on the USB MASS STORAGE DEVICE below and select "Properties", select "Details" how to activate usb boot recovery command prompt in the pop-up window, select "Hardware ID" in the list box, and see if there are VID and PID, and how to auto recover from external hard drive then click this VID and PID on the ids webpage to find information about the how to backup hard drive in recovery mode manufacturer and model of the main control chip.Of course, the easiest way is to use the chip worry- how to backup to external using twrp recovery free or chip software to detect the external hard drive master control information to find the mass how to boot acronis recovery manager on usb production tool to repair the external hard drive.

  If the external drive still can't be repaired, how to boot dell from usb recovery medi a the internal damage of the external drive may be caused, and you can contact a professional repair how to boot easy recovery essentials from usb point to return to the factory for repair.