[Fixed] external hard drive cannot be displayed when the drive letter is inserted in the computer[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-18 12:50

  The most convenient product to carry data is the external drive, which can convert data on any file recovery external hard drive mac computer, but some people will encounter the embarrassing moment when the external drive is inserted in file recovery for corrupted usb stick the computer and can't display the drive letter.No one wants something like this to happen, we might file recovery for reformatted hard drive as well finish eating the noodles, and then see what the editor says.

  First of all, we judge the file recovery from broken hard drive possible causes, which may be software such as virtual CD-ROM drives, network drives, etc.

  We file recovery from dead hard drive follow the path C: WINDOWSsystem32drivers folder and search for "sptd.sys" file, delete it, and restart file recovery from failed hard drive the computer.

  Editor's reminder:

  The "sptd" mentioned in this article."sys" must not come with file recovery from failing hard drive Microsoft Windows, but a virtual CD-ROM drive.

  2. The drive letter is hidden.

  Use the shortcut file recovery from hard drive free key combination "win" + "R" to call up "Run" and enter regedit, and enter the registry after file recovery from imac hard drive confirming.

  Find the path "HEKY-CURRENT-USERSoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciesexplorer" branch file recovery from old hard drive in the registry.Find the key "NOdrives" in the right window, delete it, log out the account and file recovery from usb thumb drive restart the computer.

  Editor's reminder:

  The key value mentioned in this article is "NOdrives", not file recovery off 2.5 hard drive the key value of "NoDriveTypeAutoRun", please pay attention when deleting.

  There may be a mapped file recovery on crashed hard drive network drive in the system, causing it to be unable to be assigned to a drive letter.Therefore, we file recovery software broken hard drive disconnect the mapped network drive.

  Editor's reminder:

  This method is the simplest and the most file recovery software damaged hard drive worrying.When you have to use this step, I hope you can try a few more computers first.

  Secondly, file recovery software run from usb if none of the above methods can restore the drive letter of the external hard drive, we will use file recovery software usb flash drive the following ultimate solution.

  Step 1: In the blank area of the desktop, right-click "Computer" filemaker recover externally stored container dat a and select "Manage" and enter "Disk Management" to find and right-click "Removable G Disk" and select files on windows 10 recovery usb "Properties".

  Step 2. In the "Removable Disk G Disk Properties" window, we click the "Hardware" filevault external drive high sierra recovery tab.

  Step 3. In the "Hardware" tab, we right-click "USB Device" and select "Properties".

  Step 4. fire tv usb keyboard recovery mode In the pop-up window, we select the "Volume" tab, and then click "Import".

  The fifth step, we click firesage recover files formated hard drive "OK" again, you can find "Removable Disk" in "Computer".

  This article provides a solution to the fix corrupt usb drivers from recovery win7 system external hard drive can't display the drive letter when inserted into the computer. Among fix recover external hard drive dat a them, the ultimate solution is to display it without restarting the computer. Please be careful fix seagate external hard drive recovery not to do so.