external hard drive or disk partition RAW format recovery program[Win11 Solutions]

20 2021-08-18 12:30

  My external hard drive has always been good. Yesterday I wanted to make my external hard drive a steps of recover a hard drive boot disk. When formatting, I always prompted that it could not be formatted. Please insert the I disk. steps to recover hard drive dat a I will use format in the command run window. Formatting, you can't format the external drive; storage usb drive changed to recovery adding many switches in format, still can't format my external drive, and it shows that the file type store windows recovery disc on usb of my external drive is RAM, and the capacity in the right-click properties is all 0 bytes. ,what!I'm surface book 2 create recovery usb really surprised. I checked it online and found that this situation is not only a external hard drive surface book boot from recovery usb patent, but other disks C, D, E, and F can appear.

  Part 1: There are several ways to keep the surface does not boot recovery usb database on disk as much as possible

  Method 1. Right-click on the RAW format drive letter, select surface pad pro 3 recovery usb properties, then select security, delete useless users, add your own user name, and then change the surface pro 2 create recovery usb permissions.If there is no security option, in the folder option (open My Computer, select the Tools surface pro 2 recovery image usb menu, and then select the folder option), remove the check mark in front of "Use simple file sharing", surface pro 2 recovery usb download and you can right-click on the NTFS format disk, Security options displayed in the properties surface pro 2 usb recovery image menu.

  Method 2: Go to "Control Panel" and find "Administrative Tools", open it, open "Local Security surface pro 3 boot recovery usb Policy", open "Security Options", and find "Network Access: Local Account Sharing and Security Mode" surface pro 3 create recovery usb in the right window "Guest only" after "is changed to "Classic", exit back to my computer, right-click surface pro 3 hard drive recovery on the D drive to find the "Security" label, delete the garbled characters, and then add users surface pro 3 recovery from usb of this computer.

  Method three, here I am using EasyRecovery Pro 6.06Backup software to back up data, surface pro 3 recovery image usb the operation process is as the last 7 steps.

  1. Use EasyRecovery Pro 6.06. Select Advanced surface pro 3 recovery media usb Recovery for data recovery (select advanced options to customize data recovery functions);

  2. Select surface pro 3 recovery module usb the drive letter that has been changed to RAW format, and click the advanced option in the lower surface pro 3 recovery usb download corner;

  3. In the file system scan, select "NTFS" for the file system, click Advanced Scan, select surface pro 3 recovery usb drive "Advanced Options" in the lower right corner, and set the cluster size and data start position to 0;

  surface pro 3 recovery usb size  4. Click on the partition setting and use the MFT method (this must not be wrong); then confirm;

   surface pro 3 usb recovery download 5. Click Next to start scanning the file system, and then just wait, it will take a long time, be surface pro 4 recovery from usb patient.After completion, you will find an NTFS drive letter, and then click the found drive letter to surface pro 4 recovery image usb start scanning;

  6. After the scan is completed, you will find that all the files have been found, surface pro 4 usb recovery failed then click Recover, select an available disk to save your recovered files;

  7. Finally format the surface pro boot from recovery usb problematic disk and copy the recovered files back OK, everything is intact as before.

  Explain: The surface pro x boot recovery usb first and second methods are recommended, and the third method is used when the first and second surface windows 8.1 rt usb recovery methods fail.

  Method four, also a more troublesome method, is to use Norton PartitionMagic 8.PTEDIT32 symantec endpoint protection recovery tool usb integrated in 0.EXE (Partition Table Editor) tool, but you have to compare carefully.After opening symantec endpoint recovery tool usb boot the external hard drive, I found the corresponding partition information and compared it with other symantec recovery disk iso to usb partition information. It was found to be quite different. At this time, compare the information symantec system recovery clone hard drive of other partitions and modify the information of the partition where the error occurred. Parameters) system image recovery from usb drive , the operation can be restored, so don't worry, it won't damage the data. After modification, save system image recovery new hard drive it, and you're done after restarting.!