How to make a multifunction external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

23 2021-08-18 12:20

  1. A external hard drive.Generally 4GB or more is required, and it should not be too "non-mainstream". mac hard drive recovery on pc Copycat products like the "Mickey Mouse external hard drive" are not within the scope of this mac hard drive recovery software review article.Generally, a Kingston external drive will do, because mass production will be used next, so mac hard drive recovery software windows it is more important to choose a external drive with a mainstream main control chip.

  2. A computer. mac hard drive recovery tools free Requires USB 2.0 Full-speed interface, the operating system is preferably Windows XP, because according mac hfs hard drive data recover to my test, some chip tools and mass production tools can't be used normally in Windows 7.If you mac internet recovery empty hard drive don't have XP, you can install a virtual machine. VirtualBox is recommended, but the success rate mac internet recovery no hard drive is not guaranteed.(I succeeded once, very troublesome)

  3. System mirror (.iso file) several.At mac make bootable recovery usb yosemite least:

  * A PE system image, recommended "Gold Fox Super System Maintenance Disk 2012 ISO version mac new hard drive internet recovery (full-featured mass production version)".

  * Several Ghost version mirrors of Windows XP. Many of these mac new hard drive recovery partition mirrors are available on the Internet.Let me talk about it, if you like the pure version of GhostXP, mac os 10 8 recovery usb then recommend the rain forest wind, if you like GhostXP with software, then recommend the in-depth, mac os free hard drive recover as for other Tomato Garden, JuJu cat, computer company, etc., it is strongly not recommended.

  * mac os hard drive recovery software A Windows 7 Ultimate RTM image, it's best to be the original version. At present, I don't recommend mac os high sierra usb recovery a modified version of Windows 7. Here are the BT seeds of the original image: 1, 2 .

  * Ubuntu 10.0 mac os recovery usb from windows 4 Mirror file.This is downloaded from the official Ubuntu.

  4. Windows7 USB/DVD Download Tool, this mac os sierra recovery usb drive software is very small.

  5. external hard drive Home Produces external hard drive Master Control mac os x 10.9 recovery usb Chip Inspection Tool, No Worry About Chips.

  6. Corresponding mass production tools.This will be mac os x bootable recovery usb introduced below.

  7. Patience, curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

  The idea is shown in the figure: mac os x hard drive recovery