How to restore the actual capacity after buying an expanded memory card [Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-18 11:10

  I saw a Tmall store engaging in activities a few days ago, 16GTF card only costs 19.9 yuan, and how to create win 7 recovery disc on usb free shipping, intuition is a fake card, but when I think about it, it's not too possible for cat shops how to create win 7 recovery disk on usb to sell fake cards on this day, and the shop looks pretty good.Buy one and try, if it doesn't work, how to create windows 10 recovery usb from iso we will refund.It turned out to be right by my crow's mouth. It's really an expansion card.Contact how to create windows 10 recovery usb on mac the seller, send him the test chart, he immediately promised to refund only, not to return the goods.I how to create windows 10 recovery usb with mac asked him if he could resend a good one, but he found a reason to disagree, saying that the number how to create windows 7 recovery disc on usb of activities was sold out.I estimate that all of their activities are fake, and the same is true how to create windows 7 recovery disk on usb for re-sending one. The buyer will have nothing to say and the reason for not returning the goods how to create windows 8 recovery image usb drive is also useless for him. , Anyway, it's fake, he has to bear the freight for returning the goods.

  Having how to create windows 8 repair and recovery usb said so much, let's talk about how to deal with this card.Nowadays, the scammers are getting how to create windows recovery usb windows 8 1 more and more experienced. These cards can't be tested with the software of Digital House. They die how to create windows xp recovery disk with usb immediately after testing, and they can't end the process after they die (using all the methods that how to data recover from bad hard disk drive can be found on the Internet). Normal shutdown will not work, only forced restart.Finally found that how to delete a recovery partition on hard drive it can be tested with h2testw.First come a test chart

  Virtual standard 16G, actually can only write how to delete recovery partition from external hard drive more than 7G, if there is an error in writing, you can't write any more.

  Verification result:

  how to delete recovery partition on a hard drive  Check only 7.5G is good, the surface test result of the card is the same with the software, the back how to delete recovery partition on external hard drive is all red.But it's not bad, it's not expanded with a 2G card.

  Let's see if we can put these 7.5 how to delete recovery partition on old hard drive G is used in one area, and the back is hidden.

  But this seemingly simple process is very difficult.

  1. how to delete recovery partitions on a hard drive First, I used the software that can adjust the partition capacity directly. The result was how to delete the recovery partition on usb ssd dead. The situation was the same as the above test. The computer could only be forced to restart how to disassemble and recover seagate internal hard drive repeatedly. I was very annoyed. After the restart, the partition structure of the card was destroyed because how to do a recovery usb for hp pavilion the partition was not successful. , I can't open it, and it prompts that it's not formatted, then how to do a system reset from recovery usb format it, but the problem is coming again, it can't be formatted, and the situation is the same how to do data recovery from external hard disk as above.Is it entering an endless loop.

  2. Finally I tried a lot of software, and restarted the how to do data recovery on a hard drive computer many times. Finally, there is one that can be formatted, SDFormatter, and this software can how to erase mac hard drive using recovery mode format it.But there is a problem again after the grid is finished. This software is for the entire how to fix a hard drive with recovery problem grid and can't adjust the capacity like the partition software. The card after the grid is more than 1 how to fix a usb drive and retrieve files 5G, and you have to partition again. Isn't this back to the beginning.

  3. The hard work pays off, how to fix corrupt harddrive with flash drive recovery and finally found a way for me. The partition adjustment of the finished card can't be directly carried how to force s6 into recovery mode usb hack out, and it is not just any software.DiskGenius, the last is to use this software to make it, but how to format a hard drive with recovery partition we should pay attention to a problem, I don't know if it's an example, this software only has 3.7. how to format external hard drive on recovery mode 1Professional version is OK, other versions will also have the above crash situation, I have tried how to format hard drive windows 7 system recovery this specifically.

  4. What should I do if I can't adjust directly after entering the software?My how to format ps3 hard drive from recovery menu method is to delete the partition first, and then create a new partition, then you can enter the partition how to get bitlocker recovery key for external drive size, and finally format it and it will be OK. Note that the usable capacity measured above is how to get data recovery from external hard disk actually 7G, so we must use DiskGenius separates the 7G external hard drive capacity, and the extra how to get laptop to boot from recovery usb is the fake capacity, so it can ensure that the external hard drive capacity is restored.

  Test with how to get system recovery with new hard drive h2testw after recovery, the test result is no problem.

  Scored 7.4G, it's okay when a small card how to get to recovery environment windows 10 usb is used.

  So much nonsense, I hope I can help a friend who encounters a fake card like me.