Improve the system operating speed external hard drive speed up Win11 skills[Win11 Solutions]

17 2021-08-18 10:30

  With the popularity of the windows7 system, the newly installed computers are all WIN7 systems, but best hard drive recovery service uk there are still many older computers still using the windows xp system, and many users are attracted best hard drive recovery software 2014 by the gorgeous effects of the Win7 system. My computer has also been upgraded to windows7. Although best hard drive recovery software 2017 windows7 does not require high configuration, some old computers have not perfect experience in best hard drive recovery software 2018 windows7 special effects, so is there any way to improve the smoothness of the old computer running best hard drive recovery software 2019 win7.Many people will consider upgrading the computer, but for the old platform, the upgrade obviously best hard drive recovery software cnet does not have much practical significance. The following article will give you a new trick to use best hard drive recovery software linux a external drive to increase the speed of windows7.In fact, as early as when the Vista system was best hard drive recovery software mac launched, Windows could use the ReadyBoost of external hard drive or other removable disks to improve best hard drive recovery software macbook system performance, and it can still be used in Win7.Although the effect is limited, for computers best hard drive recovery software paid with older configurations and smaller memory, this function is worth a try, and the operation is not best hard drive recovery software pc complicated. Friends who are interested may wish to pay attention to it.

  First, prepare a external best hard drive recovery software reddit drive (it is recommended to choose a larger external drive), and then insert it into the USB port best hard drive recovery software ubuntu of the computer.Double-click the "Computer" icon on the desktop, enter My Computer, and then right-click best hard drive recovery software windows the "Removable Disk" that you just inserted to open the "Properties", as shown in the figure best hard drive recovery tools free below:

  Open the external hard drive properties in our computer

  After opening the external hard drive best hard drive recovery windows 2018 Properties dialog box, we first switch to the ReadyBoost tab, check "Use this device" to turn on best hard drive repair software 2015 ReadyBoost, and then confirm, as shown below:

  Turn on the ReadyBoost function of the external best hard drives for data recovery drive

  Generally speaking, the system will automatically give the recommended space size, you can also best mac hard drive data recovery customize the space size according to your needs.Finally, click the "OK" button to save the settings best mac hard drive recovery tool and exit the properties dialog.After completing the above operations, ReadyBoost has been turned best osx hard drive recovery software on.If you want to turn off this feature, just uncheck "Use this device".It should be noted that for best paid hard drive recovery software ReadyBoost to play a role in improving system performance, the external hard drive or other mobile best picture recovery formatted hard drive storage device used must have at least 1GB of free space.In order to obtain better acceleration, the best places for hard drive recovery space of the external drive must be at least twice the size of the computer's memory. At present, the best portable hard drive recovery software general capacity of the external drive is above 4G. Therefore, the use of a newer external drive can best professional hard drive recovery software basically be ignored.

  This is the way to use external hard drive to improve the running speed of best program for recovery usb drive windows7. Although it can not be said that the performance can be greatly improved, it can also help best program for usb data recovery to a certain extent. In addition, external hard drive is generally very cheap at present, and the best program recover formatted hard drive capacity is large. Therefore, the cost of improving performance is very low, and many friends think best program to recover hard drive it is better to upgrade the computer, but the platform itself has limited upgrade space, and a large best rated hard drive recovery service number of replacement parts, it is better to reassemble a computer.