KINGMAX cool disc 32GB external hard drive evaluation[Win11 Solutions]

19 2021-08-18 09:10

  Cool-Drive, a external drive product released by KINGMAX, named "酷盘" in Chinese, belongs to the make surface pro 2 recovery usb KINGMAX Urban Series fashion series, and has been welcomed by consumers with its unique design style.Some make symantec system recovery disk usb time ago, our ZOL also produced and organized special topics and group buying activities for make usb recovery drive windows 10 KINGMAX cool disc external drives, and netizens responded enthusiastically.The style of the KINGMAX cool make windows 10 bootable recovery usb disc USB series products is geared towards young and fashionable consumers, and emphasizes the make windows 10 bootable usb recovery design and appearance of the product itself.Let's take a look together. USB home

  KINGMAX cool disc 32 make windows 10 pro recovery usb GB external drive packaging

  KINGMAX cool disc 32GB external drive products use the common anti-static make windows 10 recovery boot usb plastic outer packaging of KINGMAX products. The product LOGO is printed on the packaging and make windows 10 recovery iso usb the front of the product, and the inner lining is also very beautiful.In the middle of the package, make windows 10 recovery usb online you can see the anti-counterfeiting label of the China Quality Association. Users can check the make windows 7 recovery disc usb authenticity by phone to prevent consumers from buying counterfeit products. USB home

  The appearance of make windows 7 recovery disk usb KINGMAX cool disc 32GB external drive (click to enlarge)

  The appearance design of KINGMAX cool make windows 7 recovery usb bootable disc 32GB external drive is one of its main features, only 17.5mm×62mm×12mm size, small and exquisite, make windows 7 usb recovery disk semi-curved appearance is unique and generous, 32GB version shell coating also uses bright red make windows 8 1 recovery usb leather texture paint, making KINGMAX cool disc external drive more hand-feel and full of cool taste.

  make windows 8 recovery disk usb  KINGMAX cool disc 32GB external drive partial close-up (click to enlarge) The home of external make windows recovery usb no pc drives

  The retractable cap-type design of KINGMAX cool disk 32GB external drive can effectively avoid make windows recovery usb on chromebook the embarrassment of consumers losing the upper cover of the external drive. Just push it, plug and make windows recovery usb on linux play.In addition, when the KINGMAX cool disc 32GB external drive is in working condition, its blue make windows recovery usb on mac LED indicator will shine, making it more visual. external hard drive Home

  KINGMAX cool disc 32GB make windows recovery usb windows 7 external drive interface tail version logo (click to enlarge)

  KINGMAX cool disc 32GB external drive make windows recovery usb with toast products use USB2.0 high-speed interface, support Windows 2000/Windows XP/Window Vista operating make windows xp recovery disk usb system, the product fully supports Vista readyboost hardware acceleration function.In terms of capacity, making a recovery usb for notebook KINGMAX cool disc USB products have increased the maximum capacity to up to 32GB. At the same time, making a recovery usb windows 10 there are 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB specifications and corresponding different colors, allowing consumers making a windows 10 recovery usb to freely choose the storage capacity that is most suitable for them.

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