How to make MAC OS X 108 Cougar Installation external hard drive[Win11 Solutions]

35 2021-08-18 09:00

  The installation method is exactly the same as that of making Lion, except that the system file is recover drive fatal hard drive error replaced with Mountain Lion.

  First, we need to download OS X 10.8 There are two ways to install recover emails from external drive mac the cougar:

  One: From the Mac App Store, the current beta version is redeemed from the Mac App Store recover emails from old hard drive using the redemption code; the official version will still be released from the Mac App Store in recover erased external hard drive files the future.After the download is complete, please go to the application folder and find the app file recover erased external hard drive mac "Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion" (the current version has the suffix Preview 1)

  Second: Download recover erased files external hard drive via other network methods.Generally, the downloaded file is a dmg (or other compressed format) file, recover erased files from external drive first unzip it, and then you should also get a "Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion" (suffix Preview X) recover erased files from hard drive for you to drag to the application folder.

  Preview1 download address:

  Please use uTorrent tool to recover erased files from usb drive download magnetically

  magnet:?xt=urn:btih:33CF524D5CCD73EE4AC5ED9D79BFBA1&dn=OSXInstall Mountain recover erased files from usb stick Lion DP1.dmg&tr=

  OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Beta download

  Our purpose is to find this file, the recover erased files on hard drive current version is this "Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion Preview 1"

  Then right click on this file and recover erased photos from hard drive select "Show Package Contents"

  Open the Contents directory, then open the SharedSupport directory, recover esxi vmdk from hard drive and find "InstallESD.dmg" this file, as shown below:

  Double click this "InstallESD.dmg" file, it recover excel program from hard drive will be decompressed to a drive letter similar to a temporary image on the desktop, as shown below:

recover external hard drive 0 bytes   Second, prepare the external hard drive to start production.

  At present, it is recommended that recover external hard drive after format the size of the external hard drive be at least 5GB.Or you can divide a partition from your mobile recover external hard drive corrupted files hard drive.

  We made the following with an 8GB external hard drive:

  Insert the external hard drive, recover external hard drive data online open the application-utility-disk tool

  Select the external drive in the list on the left, select recover external hard drive data software the "Erase" tab on the right, and select "Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)" below. The name can be recover external hard drive deleted files changed at will.Finally select "Erase" at the bottom right, as shown below:

  OK, the name here is MacX, recover external hard drive files free OK now select MacX from the list on the left, and click "Restore" on the upper right side of the recover external hard drive files wd tab

  Then find the newly generated "Mac OS X Install ESD" in the list on the left, and drag and drop recover external hard drive no boot the source disk and destination disk according to the pattern shown in the figure below:

  Once you recover external hard drive not detected have placed it, you can click to restore. After the restoration is complete, your cougar installation recover external hard drive not recognized external hard drive will be made.

  When you turn on the computer, hold down Option and choose to recover external hard drive not working boot from the installation external hard drive named "Mac OS X", and you can install a new system recover external hard drive on mac on the computer