Boot 0xc0000428 error amdxatasys cannot verify the digital signature solution[Win11 Solutions]

24 2021-08-18 08:10

  I don't know why I cleaned the computer, and then turned it on again. The error 0xc was displayed. recover media for windows 10 via usb drive Windows could not verify the digital signature of this file, but it could not enter the desktop no recover microsoft office product key from hard drive matter it was restarted. What is the reason.How to solve it?

  From the file name, it should be that recover missing files from external hard drive mac the AMD graphics card driver file is damaged.What is missing and what to make up, the system prompts recover ms sql database from dying hard drive amd_xata.sys can't verify the digital signature of the file, then disable the mandatory digital recover music and video from external hard drive signature authentication of the system first to see if it can enter the system.

  1. In the above recover my data from hard drive free download interface, press Enter, or during the restart process, press F8 to enter the following interface

  2. recover my deleted files on formatted hard drive After pressing F8, you will enter the advanced startup options interface:

  3. We directly choose to recover my files from my external hard drive disable the driver signature and force it into safe mode

  4. Then you can enter the desktop, but note recover office 2007 product key from hard drive that this desktop is not driven, so it can't be used normally. It can only be used for system recover office 2010 product key from hard drive maintenance, which is to solve this problem to use. We open the C:windowssystem32drivers directory and recover office 2013 product key from external drive find amd_xata.sys file

  5. Delete it directly, and then restart the computer directly to see if it recover office 2013 product key from hard drive can enter the desktop normally.

  6. If you delete it and you can't enter the desktop, then we copy recover office 2016 emails from old hard drive this amd_xata with digital signature.sys file to C:windowssystem32drivers directory.

  7. Then we recover office 2016 product key from hard drive restart the computer to see if we can enter the desktop.

  Summary: So the culprit of this problem is recover office product key from external hard drive the driver file, and generally delete it directly to solve the problem, but if you copy a signed file recover office product key from old hard drive driver to overwrite the previous one, it can also be solved, just pay attention to whether it is a recover old external hard drive that is showing 64-bit system.