Qingtai SK6281/SK6211 mass production tutorial[Win11 Solutions]

12 2021-08-18 08:00

  I am a rookie. I started mass production of external drives at the beginning of 2009, and tried my linux recovery after hard drive wiped by windows best to study USB-CDROM, USB-HDD, USB-ZIP boot.

  Today, I will explain the results of my nearly 1, load drivers from usb when in system recovery 000 experiments, and share them with you for the reference of friends in need.

  First of all, let locked android phone data recovery no usb debugging me explain that there is no perfectly compatible 3 zone 3 startup.Friends who do not have enough time mac crashed hard drive how to recover files suggest not to study this, it is meaningless!

  Do USB-HDD, USB-ZIP boot, I strongly recommend using mac data recovery guru external hard drive mac UltraISO 9.Version 3.

  The following explains the mass production of the main control SK6211:

  At mac data recovery software for external hard drive present, there are a lot of mass production of the main control SK6211 on the Internet. I have mac external hard drive data recovery serial key collected 10 tutorials before the mass production of the SK6211. I also followed their tutorials. As a mac hard drive recovery 5 day free trial result, the mass production from 12 noon to 11 pm, a total of more than 240 Times, all failed.It is mac hard drive recovery software free for pc strongly recommended here: Since you are going to do a tutorial, please do it in detail!

  Later, I mac locked recovery drive boot from external usb posted for help on the Digital Home Forum, and the DIY zone moderator hit00 helped me repair it mac not wanting to boot into recovery usb remotely (thanks again here).From his operation, he learned how to repair the SK6211 mass production mac os recover files from wiped hard drive failure, and later solved two common problems of the main control SK6211 mass production in many mac os sierra recovery usb drive from pc experiments:

  1. Mass production failed, the external hard drive space is zero, and it can't be formatted.

  2. mac os snow leopard boot to usb recover Open the mass production tool, but no information about this chip is displayed.

  3. Mass mac os x mountain lion recovery disk usb production was successful, but still can't start.

  If you have a friend who has not yet mass-produced mac recover external hard drive without disk utility the SK6211 master control, please follow the order of the following tutorials strictly:

  1. First mac recover files from formatted hard drive free download ChipGenius to detect the external hard drive master control and other information, and copy mac recovery time machine not showing external disk and save it to the computer.

  2.Download SK6211 (2009.2.Version 27) Unzip to find SK6211__BA and mac usb wont boot just loads recovery console open it.

  Double-click the place where the ellipse is drawn, and wait until the following picture macbook hard drive recovery software using windows 10 appears, which is very important.

  It is very important to copy the information and save it on the macbook not detecting hard drive and not recovering computer! Then close the info picture.Click on the parameter settings as shown below

  Fill in the macbook not showing hard drive in recovery mode password as: After entering, the following picture is shown

  Fill in the place where I drew the circle macbook pro hard drive wipe and internet recovery truthfully, according to the info information I just asked you to save, this is the pull, as shown macos 9 in 1 usb recovery install disk below