there is no sound from the computer microphone[Win11 Solutions]

26 2021-08-18 07:50

  What should we do if there is no sound from the computer microphone? Your first reaction may be the windows rt 8.1 recovery usb download microphone problem. In fact, the lack of sound from the computer microphone may be a problem with windows server 2003 password recovery usb the system settings. Let's take a look at the solution to the computer microphone's no sound.

  1. windows server 2008 r2 recovery usb Use troubleshooting options

  1.First, right-click the "sound" icon in the lower right corner of the windows server 2012 r2 recovery usb computer screen and select the "troubleshoot sound problems" option.

  2.Next, the troubleshooting windows surface pro 3 recovery usb interface will automatically open, windows will automatically detect the sound problem, and give windows system recovery usb windows 7 corresponding answer suggestions.

  3.If the troubleshooter did not check out the related sound problem, windows usb recovery startup repair fails and did not give any suggestions for modification in the detailed inspection report, then we can windows vista admin password recovery usb consider another method.

  Method two, device manager check the audio driver

  When the troubleshooter windows vista home premium recovery usb fails to solve the problem of no sound, it is probably because there may be a problem with the audio windows vista password recovery tool usb driver.

  1.Now, click to enter the computer management page and open the "Device Manager" option. windows vista password recovery usb free

  2.In the device manager, we double-click to open the sound device, and then right-click in the windows vista recovery boot from usb listed hardware, select "update driver".

  3.Next, we choose Windows to automatically search for the windows vista recovery disc download usb driver software adapted to the hardware, and then Windows starts to search for suitable drivers windows vista recovery disc usb download online.

  4.If there is a problem with the driver, Windows will automatically download the appropriate windows vista recovery disk download usb driver and install it;

  If Windows prompts that the driver is the latest version, then it should not windows vista recovery disk usb drive be a problem with the driver, and we need to find a solution from another channel.

  Method 3: There windows vista recovery installation for usb is a problem with the default sound device

  1.First, right-click the sound icon on the surface, and windows vista recovery intestaltion for usb click to select "Play Device", as shown in the figure:

  2.After opening the playback device page, windows vista recovery usb boot download carefully check whether the default sound playback device is normal.

  The default sound playback windows vista recovery usb download free device is a speaker. If the sound playback device is not a speaker by default, then there is a problem windows vista recovery usb download iso in almost all cases.

  3.Next, click on the "Speaker" device

  Then click the "Set as Default" windows vista recovery usb drive download button at the bottom of the page to set the sound playback device as the speaker by default. Under normal windows vista recovery usb flash drive circumstances, the problem of no sound can be solved.

  Method 4: Check the setting property of windows vista recovery usb free download the playback device

  If the problem is not solved by following the above steps, we need to look at windows vista recovery usb stick erstellen the default setting properties of the sound playback device.

  1.Right-click the speaker icon, click windows vista usb bootable recovery disk to select the "Properties" option.

  2.In the sound properties interface, we click the "Advanced" windows vista usb recovery disk download menu option, and then click the "Restore Defaults" button on the page.

  3.After clicking the restore windows won't detect media recovery usb default button, we can restore the sampling frequency and bit depth of the sound playback device, and windows xp admin password recovery usb then click the "OK" button to save the current settings.

  After following the above steps, the windows xp administrator password recovery usb problem of no sound can be solved normally.

  The above is the solution to the problem of no sound from windows xp boot recovery usb download the computer microphone. This setting can solve the problem of no sound from the computer windows xp create recovery disk usb microphone.